Prescription drugs are designed to improve the quality of life. Opioids like OxyContin and Percocet numb the pain we feel. Antidepressants, such as Prozac and Zoloft, perk up our mood. Stimulants, including Ritalin and Adderall, focus our attention. But using these high powered prescriptions long-term can turn dark. Their addictive chemistry may leave you dependent on higher drug doses than intended. Women are particularly at high risk. That’s because females are more likely to experience chronic conditions that may require prescription drugs. In fact, the National Institutes of Health showed that 4 million U.S. women reported prescription misuse. If you’ve lost control, Beaches Recovery is a premier womens prescription drug rehab center ready to help you kick this habit.

When to Seek a Womens Prescription Drug Rehab Center

Depressed woman thinking she needs a womens prescription drug rehab center for her addictionIt’s never too early or late for addicts to get treatment. Hitting rock bottom isn’t a precondition to rehab. Women should request help whenever they feel a drug is hurting their lives. Seeking early intervention services at Beaches Recovery can stop the slippery slope of addiction. But admitting you have a problem can be hard. We encourage you to be honest about your prescription drug intake. Has getting more prescription pills become a priority? Are you visiting multiple doctors? Have you faked symptoms to get refills? Do you suffer withdrawal symptoms when you miss doses? If yes, it’s time to intervene before the damage gets worse. Other warning flags that you need a womens prescription drug rehab center include:

  • Taking drugs prescribed to others
  • Missing work or school commitments
  • Withdrawing from your family life
  • Engaging in risky behaviors to get pills
  • Denying addiction accusations in anger
  • Experiencing significant appetite loss or gain
  • Acting sedated, clumsy, or confused
  • Becoming overly paranoid and nervous

Why Choose a Womens Prescription Drug Rehab Center

Beaches Recovery in sunny Jacksonville offers a friendly, positive setting for women to overcome addiction together. Women usually feel calmer sharing intimate life details in single-gender groups. Discussing personal traumas, such as rape, domestic violence, or miscarriage, is less uncomfortable. Women often form a “sisterhood” and develop lasting friendships. Female-only programs can address more issues like parenting and body image without men present. Similarly, our rehab can help find childcare solutions during treatment. Research shows that women are more at risk for co occurring disorders, too. Therefore, our womens prescription drug rehab center has a holistic dual diagnosis approach. It’s ultimately our goal to concentrate on uniquely female needs and make women feel as carefree as possible.

Types of Womens Prescription Drug Rehab Treatments

Our high-quality Florida drug rehab has inpatient and outpatient prescription drug programs created for women. We’ll begin each stay with a comprehensive evaluation to tailor treatment to your needs. Medical detox at Tides Edge is typically the initial step. The detoxification process involves ridding your body of pills under a doctor’s care. Afterward, women enter one-on-one or group therapy sessions clear-headed. At Beaches Recovery, our therapists are well-versed in cognitive behavioral, EMDR, and dialectical behavioral approaches. Pain management might be needed to soothe chronic conditions without drugs. We offer meditation, yoga, massage, and biofeedback to relax. This womens prescription drug rehab center also has endless other great options, such as:

Get Help at Our Prescription Opioid Rehab for Women in FL

Don’t let addiction keep casting an ugly shadow over your life. Beaches Recovery helps shine a light on prescription drug problems and find sobriety fixes. Our mission is to clear the cloud of substance use and look forward to bright, drug-free futures. We welcome women to our prescription opioid rehab for Women in FL on Florida’s east coast that’s accredited by the Joint Commission. From surfing to rope courses, our team makes treatment fun while still taking addiction seriously. Our womens prescription drug rehab center is extra sensitive to obstacles facing young women. Contact Beaches Recovery today at 866.605.0532 for help transitioning to a sober lifestyle.