You can’t always tell where the road you’ve chosen is taking you. Whether you began to use psychoactive drugs for fun or to help you deal with your problems, you now find yourself losing control. You’ve developed an addiction. Perhaps you’ve tried to quit on your own but found yourself returning to your drug over and over. But you don’t have to quit alone. At Beaches Recovery, we provide the support you need from the beginning of the process until you are once again living a healthy, drug-free life.

Two men talking about psychoactive drugs during intakeLocated in Jacksonville, Florida, Beaches Recovery offers high level, individualized care in a safe, seaside environment. Therapists and other medical and support personnel work together to design a rehabilitation plan specially tailored to your needs. At Beaches, you will gain the tools you need to return to normal life and face life challenges and remain sober. We offer residential, intensive outpatient and transition living programs to help each client through the entire rehab process. From detox at Tides Edge, through our various therapy programs and back to real life, at Beaches Recovery you will find experienced, sympathetic medical professionals to help you. We know that clients will often face the challenges that could, under some circumstances, lead to relapse and for that we offer continuing support and therapy.

What is Daily Life Like at Beaches Recovery?

Each clients’ day is structured explicitly around their needs and might seem very different from other clients’ days. However, we begin with meditation to promote peace of mind and focus, followed by breakfast. Our clients work with a nutritionist to learn healthy eating habits. The days also include individual and group therapy, exercise sessions, and preparing and eating meals together.

How is Addiction to Psychoactive Drugs Treated at Beaches Recovery?

We offer a variety of programs to treat addiction to psychoactive drugs. Each of our addiction treatment programs is designed using a combination of medicine, therapy, and technology to ensure that each client achieves and maintains sobriety. Treatment programs are adapted to each client’s culture, values and relationships. Our clients often receive group treatment with other clients who might not only share the same addiction but the same gender, culture or interests. Treatments for addiction to psychoactive drugs include:

Therapies Used to Treat Addiction

At Beaches Recovery we use positive and focused therapies to provide the tools you need to live your best, sober life. We use traditional therapy, such as psychotherapy, jointly with experiential and holistic therapies to support the road to recovery of each of our clients. We offer:

Many of our experiential therapies are held outdoors, as we believe nature is the perfect environment to help our clients relax while offering many other benefits and promoting a healthy, active lifestyle.

Our goal is our client’s spiritual and physical healing and sobriety. Our beach location makes it the ideal place to beat your addiction with the right tools while getting involved in new activities. We offer both a 90-bed residential living facility and alternative home group living throughout the Jacksonville area.

We know treating addiction to psychoactive drugs can be expensive. With our client’s health in mind, we work in partnership with several insurance companies. These include Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, and Humana, Magellan.

An addiction to psychoactive drugs does not have to define your life. You can get control of your life and learn to have a passion for living again. A high-level drug rehabilitation center can help you regain that control. Call Beaches Recovery at 866.605.0532 to take the first step towards a healthy, happy life.