Have you thought about getting away from home for a bit to get healthy? A heroin rehab can help you. Our team at Beaches Recovery provides a comprehensive, modern heroin addiction treatment program capable of providing you with exceptional service. Step away from home in Pennsylvania to visit us for treatment, healing, and a fresh start on your future.

Why Leave Home in Pennsylvania for Heroin Rehab?Group participates in a heroin rehab center near Pennsylvania

Our heroin addiction treatment program is located in Jacksonville. When you visit our campus, you’ll find it is stunning, right by the water, and filled with outstanding amenities. You’ll also find that we offer a wide range of therapies in a modern setting. Why come here for care? You’ll be able to focus on yourself, allowing your body to heal, and helping to give your brain time to heal. Our heroin rehab is just a phone call away.

What Type of Heroin Rehab Is Right for You?

Heroin is one of the most addictive substances. Within a short amount of time, you may find yourself unable to stop using. You may find it feels impossible to stop using. That’s when you know our heroin addiction treatment is right for you.

Pennsylvania residents can turn to Beaches Recovery for a conversation right over the phone. We’ll talk about your addiction and provide you with insight into how we can help you. Our program is designed to provide you with ample support, the level and type of care you need to really overcome your addiction. In our heroin rehab program, we offer treatment options such as:

  • Drug detox services
  • Residential drug treatment
  • Partial hospitalization program
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Dual diagnosis program

You’ll notice we offer dual diagnosis treatment. During your time with us, we may be able to help you with your mental health needs. If you are struggling with depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, or anxiety disorder, we may be able to help you find a balance for these conditions. Our Pennsylvania residents may find that this is an excellent way to control their health and well-being.

During Heroin Rehab, You’ll Work on You

Our private campus near the water gives you extraordinary views. When you visit from Pennsylvania, you’ll also find various things to do nearby if you would like to. Onsite, we offer a variety of therapy options for you as well. You’ll enjoy a well-appointed, private room during your stay if you like. When you’re here, you’ll be treated with respect.

Yet, there is a lot of hard work to do in heroin addiction treatment. We’ll provide you with various therapy options to choose from as a part of your heroin rehab treatment program. Some of those therapy programs include:

The time you spend with us will always focus on helping you regain control over your health and your needs. In our heroin rehab, we offer both individual and group therapy sessions, giving you access to the type and amount of care you need. You’ll also be able to explore a wide range of therapies you cannot find anywhere else, such as hiking and boating. It’s time to heal your body. Pennsylvania residents will find we’re happy to help you with our heroin addiction treatment.

Choose to Get Help at Beaches Recovery

When it comes to making a change in your health, let our team at Beaches Recovery help you. Residents in Pennsylvania can find our heroin addiction treatment program exactly what they need to turn the page and start healing. Our heroin rehab here in Jacksonville, Florida, welcomes you. Learn more by calling us at 866.605.0532 or connect with us online.