Residents of Atlanta who are struggling with an addiction to alcohol may naturally consider Georgia for their recovery. While alcohol rehab in Atlanta might be one option to consider, there are also a number of alternatives that could better suit the needs, both medical and financial, of prospective patients. At Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida, those struggling with alcohol addiction can get the treatment they need removing from any triggers or temptations so they can heal and recover.

woman in group therapy for alcohol rehab in AtlantaDetermining the Reputation of a Rehab Facility

When it comes to deciding if an alcohol detox or rehab in Atlanta is suitable, one of the first things to consider is whether it has a solid reputation. Online reviews aren’t always reliable. Instead, prospective patients and their loved ones should look at accreditation, success rates, and rankings.

If local alcohol rehab centers don’t seem to make the cut, then seeking out alternatives might be a better choice. Thankfully, there are reputable, accredited programs within a day’s drive of Atlanta, Georgia.

Financial Consideration of an Alcohol Rehab in Atlanta

One of the main reasons to consider an alternative to alcohol rehab in Atlanta is cost. Every rehab program has a specific price tag, which applies whether the patients or their insurance companies foot the bill. However, costs of rehab tend to be higher in places like Atlanta.

Driving just a few hours south of Atlanta to a smaller city like Jacksonville Beach might mean lower costs. This is ideal for anyone paying out of pocket, but it also increases the likelihood of health insurance plans covering the entirety of the time spent in rehab. Since the cost can sometimes feel like a prohibitive factor when choosing rehab facilities, this is no small issue.

Benefits of Attending Rehab Away From Home

It’s common to assume that attending rehab closer to home is the best choice for recovery. Interestingly, the opposite is often true. Leaving home for rehab often improves the likelihood of recovery.

Leaving home for alcohol addiction treatment means that there are no familiar temptations and triggers. This can increase completion rates, which are crucial for lasting sobriety. Relapse rates, even for those who receive treatment, can be between 20–50%. To reduce those numbers, the programs have to be at least completed in their entirety.

In addition, attending rehab at least a couple of hours from home can physically remove those temptations. Being just a few short miles from a favorite bar or liquor store can intensify cravings, so a change of environment could make all the difference. In addition, a new location is a fresh start, and it can be indicative of the new chance patients have on life.

Top Environments for Alcohol Rehab

Those who are contemplating alternatives to alcohol rehab in Atlanta might wonder where they should turn. From a logistical standpoint, somewhere within an hour’s drive of Atlanta might be convenient, particularly for any friends or family that want to visit.

The environment can play a big role in recovery, so many patients gravitate toward warm destinations. Florida, for example, boasts access to the beach and sunny skies for most of the year. This can encourage outdoor activity and fitness, which can, in turn, boost mood and reduce the likelihood of developing depression during rehab.

Ideal Amenities for an Alcohol Rehab Facility

The basis of rehab will evidence-based, and holistic therapies, but the amenities can make a clinical facility feel comfortable and inviting. Just a few of the top amenities to look for when picking out an alcohol rehab facility could include:

  • Swimming pools
  • Fitness facilities
  • Communal living areas
  • Yoga therapy

As an alternative to alcohol rehab in Atlanta, consider Beaches Recovery in Florida. Our facility is just five hours away, and it offers a new opportunity for recovery. Call 866.605.0532, or contact us online to learn more and take control of your sobriety starting today.