Beaches Recovery has years of addiction treatment experience and clinical research behind their name. Our Florida substance abuse treatment programs continually invest in the most advanced treatment resources available. We utilize the methods and knowledge of how medicine, therapy, and also technology work together to accomplish sobriety. As a dual-diagnosis treatment center, our Florida substance abuse treatment programs have been created to meet the unique challenges presented by addiction. Beaches Recovery prides itself on providing the best possible care for EVERY client.

Our therapists routinely work with good people just like you when a drug habit spirals out of control. You thought that you had things under control. However, you quickly realized that the chemicals were in charge. Here’s how a full continuum of substance abuse treatment programs can help you recover.

Get Help With Our Florida Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Residents choosing our addiction treatment center in Jacksonville Florida work with a therapist to select the best clinical options to meet their personal recovery needs. Our therapists adapt their individualized counseling services to match the client’s culture, values, as well as interpersonal relationships. We create a proactive, informed approach to rehabilitation and recovery for the addictions treated.

Each client receives a unique combination of substance abuse treatment programs that focus on their particular areas of need. Using the most advanced approaches to combat addiction, our facility focuses on successful client care and addiction recovery. Our Jacksonville FL drug rehab center encourages clients to develop connections with other residents, staff, and therapists. Through both individual and group therapy, clients at Beaches Recovery learn to build supportive, sober relationships. Clients also learn to accept and understand feedback, work toward self-discovery and expression, and create realistic goals for successful treatment.

At Beaches Recovery, our substance abuse treatment programs offer the highest level of care. We also strive to give our clients the best possible resources to ensure successful rehabilitation. Regardless of your experience with other Florida substance abuse treatment programs, speak to our staff about how Beaches Recovery substance abuse treatment programs can work for you. Our experts can help you take back your sobriety and learn to live a full life. Our substance abuse treatment programs in Jacksonville provide the best possible care, placing clients first.

Who Needs Help for Addiction?

It’s a common misconception that Jacksonville substance abuse treatment programs cater only to teens. Statistics prove that drugs affect different age groups. For example, the median age of abusing marijuana is about 19 years. Heroin abuse may begin at around 23 years of age.

Pain pills become more popular around 27 years of age. The same goes for sedatives. However, there are also some shifts in these numbers. Ages fell for those trying heroin, PCP, and methamphetamines for the first time.

Therefore, Florida substance abuse treatment must be relevant to a broad range of users. At Beaches Recovery, we believe in customizing substance abuse counseling to meet your unique needs. You don’t undergo a generic type of rehab. Instead, you experience the kind of treatment that offers you the best chance of long-term recovery.

Who We Help with Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Anyone who is struggling with addiction and needs rehab and therapy can receive help at Beaches Recovery. Individualized treatment programs foster personal success for anyone interested in recovery.  Specialized programs for specific demographic groups are available at Beaches Recovery. Those separated into specific groupings sometimes respond to treatment more successfully. They have the support of others that share not only a common addiction but common life experiences. Men and women sometimes value same-sex treatment programs and group support without the distraction of the opposite sex. First responders may have co-occurring PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) that can be better addressed in a homogenous group.  This goes as well for other groups treated, such as executives and students.

Addictions Treated

The disease of addiction comes in many forms and substances may cause life problems, emotional wreckage, and financial ruin. Substance abuse treatment programs also come in many forms and rehab is available for many of them. If you’re searching for a way out of your dependence on an addictive substance, Beaches Recovery is ready to help. We use evidence-based therapies and accept health insurance coverage from many major health insurance carriers. We have rehab programs for:

What is a Full Continuum of Care?

Substance abuse treatment programs begin while you’re still using. Nobody expects you to be sober when you check in for assistance. Substance abuse help begins with detox services at Tides Edge. Withdrawal management lets you overcome the physiological addiction.

As a well-established drug and alcohol addiction treatment center, Beaches Recovery then customizes your care delivery. Examples of options include:

  • Residential care that provides the most intensive and immersive experience of Florida substance abuse treatment
  • Extended care, which gives you extra time to heal when signs of substance abuse are still active after 30 days
  • Partial hospitalization, which offers full-time counseling at our Jacksonville FL substance abuse treatment center without a residential requirement
  • Intensive outpatient treatment as a way of scheduling substance abuse counseling around work or school
  • Transitional living that creates a buffer between Jacksonville substance abuse treatment programs and independent living

Most importantly, there’s the option of stepping down care at our alcohol and opiate addiction treatment center. As you prepare to graduate from an intensive treatment plan, consider moving to the outpatient program. It allows you to maintain a connection with the treatment facility. At the same time, you prepare to return home.

Evidence-Based Substance Abuse Treatment Programs for Long-Term Recovery

What’ll it take to deal with a psychological dependency on drugs? During detox, you received substance abuse treatment Jacksonville trusts for ending physical addiction. This is typically a quick process. However, overcoming the mind’s dependency takes a little longer.

You work with therapists to retrain your brain. That’s why Beaches Recovery therapists adapt and combine substance abuse treatment programs to your needs. For example, possible care approaches include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy that provides substance abuse help by undoing dysfunctional connections between thoughts, emotions, and actions
  • Anger management, which accompanies Florida substance abuse treatment modalities such as dialectical behavior therapy
  • Family counseling at our Jacksonville FL substance abuse treatment center for healing and healthy changes to interactions
  • EMDR therapy as one of the primary substance abuse treatment programs for handling traumatic experiences and PTSD
  • Mindfulness training, which deals with signs of substance abuse through stress reduction, relaxation, and grounding in the present

Do You Need Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Strong evidence links signs of substance abuse with mental health concerns. For example, statistics suggest that 50.5% of adults with substance abuse deal with co-occurring mental health disorders. Examples could include depression, schizophrenia, PTSD, and anxiety disorders. That’s why the substance abuse treatment Jacksonville locals trust must offer targeted psychotherapy.

Dual diagnosis treatment as part of substance abuse treatment programs helps you manage the underlying condition. Therefore, you may work with therapists in one-on-one talk therapy. Besides that, there’s the option of pharmacological support.

You no longer feel the need to self-medicate to deal with symptoms. Therefore, it’s possible to cut off one root for addiction. Therapists at our alcohol and prescription drug addiction treatment center have had excellent success with this treatment. At the same time, you work with a therapist to uncover other reasons for substance abuse.

Specialized Treatment Programs for Additional Specialization

Beaches Recovery therapists work with adults of all ages. However, we also understand that some demographics could benefit from additional targeted substance abuse counseling. That’s why all the programs at the Jacksonville FL substance abuse treatment center can take place under a care umbrella.

For example, our men and women’s substance abuse help focuses on gender-specific strengths. Group therapy sessions help you build on them for healing. Most importantly, you also learn to set social boundaries and build self-esteem through peer mentoring. It’s an excellent program that helps people with codependency issues.

First responder substance abuse treatment in Jacksonville benefits people in high-stress professions. Police officers, medical professionals, as well as others who can’t avoid stress. Therefore, they need to develop coping mechanisms to prevent a return to our alcohol, drug, and cocaine addiction treatment center.

Rehabilitating your life starting with the Florida substance abuse treatment programs at Beaches Recovery sets you on a path to success. You fight against relapse and move toward your best life. The family at Beaches Recovery celebrates the daily successes of clients and knows the power of positive reinforcement. Small daily successes help change long-term attitudes and behaviors for your future outside of treatment. That’s why we implement goal setting in each of our customized plans because your addiction does not have to define you.

Learn more about our substance abuse treatment programs by talking to the intake specialists at Beaches Recovery. We offer the Jacksonville substance abuse treatment programs that offer hope. Whether you need assistance from our alcohol, prescription drug, or heroin addiction treatment center, we can help. Call 866.605.0532 today.

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