Mostly everyone has at one time or another encountered a personal connection to someone with an addiction. Maybe it’s even you with the addiction. The one thing that seems to remain consistent from one addicted person to the next is that they won’t get help until they are ready to get help. When that time comes, one quickly learns the value of one addicted person helping another. This is the reason why addiction group therapy has been a primary addiction treatment tool for decades.

Addiction group therapy is a mainstay of Beaches RecoveyThe Truth About Addiction Group Therapy

Many people assume addiction group therapy entails nothing more than a bunch of sick people sitting around complaining about all their problems. On the surface, it’s easy to understand why someone might feel this way. Upon closer investigation, there’s much more going on.

Without a doubt, it’s difficult to understand the nuances of addiction if someone has never experienced it up close and personal. Why would anyone have an obsessive need to abuse themselves by taking a harmful substance? That’s the question counselors and therapists have pondered for decades. What one finds in group therapy is a commonality. The fact they all have an addiction to some type of substance makes them brothers and sisters of sorts. Their innate ability to understand a bit of what the others are experiencing is invaluable.

This type of session allows for interaction among people who have unique circumstances. They can learn from each other. That applies to both what to do and what not to do when traveling down the road of recovery.

The Value of Addiction Group Therapy

When a counselor places patients into a group to talk about their addictions, the counselor does so with a purpose. Most of the time, the counselors act only as mediators. It’s incumbent on the patients to carry the addiction group therapy session by exploring the aforementioned commonality.

The primary benefit of addiction group therapy is the creation of a comfortable environment for people to open up about their problems, including addictions. Patients have very little to be embarrassed about when everyone else in the room has similar experiences. This builds camaraderie. For the patients who are farther along in the recovery process, they can usually impart important insight to the patients who are new to the process.

The other great benefit of the camaraderie built during group sessions is a high degree of building long-lasting relationships. These relationships can become the basis of support groups on the outside. When the chips are down and a recovering addict needs help with a life issue, who better to help than someone who has been successful at dealing with their own life and recovery issues?

Addiction Group Therapy at Beaches Recovery

Beaches Recovery is a premier drug and alcohol rehab facility located in Jacksonville, Florida, which happens to be in the rehab capital of the world. As part of our treatment process, our clinicians and counselors will use group sessions as an important part of the treatment process. Our sessions give patients an opportunity to share with other patients their concerns, fears, dreams and whatever else they might be holding inside.

Aside from group treatment sessions, we offer a wide range of other treatment methodologies. First and foremost, we prefer to emphasize the importance of treating each patient as a unique individual. With that in mind, we design a patient’s treatment program based upon their unique circumstances. Here’s a list of the treatment options our counselors use:

You don’t have to feel alone in your addiction. If you want help in a safe environment that promotes healthy patient interaction, you owe it to yourself to contact us here at Beaches Recovery. By calling 866.605.0532, you can start the healing process and work to get back the life you have been losing to substance addiction.