Young woman hugging herself assured drug addicts recovery with hard work.If left to fester, a drug addiction can lead to mounds of trouble. In the worst cases, it can result in the addicted person dealing with prison, insanity, and in some cases death. As an alternative to all this kind of trouble, it is possible to turn an addiction into a successful recovery. Drug addicts recovery is not an easy process. People wanting recovery have to be honest, committed, and focused on nothing but the task at hand.

The First Step in Drug Addicts Recovery

We hear about intervention, and people trying to force their loved ones into recovery. While occasionally successful, the loved one often ends up right back where they started after going through”forced” treatment. A far better result comes when the addict comes to their own realization that life would be better if they weren’t stuck in the cycle of addiction.

That brings us to the all-important first step toward the drug addicts recovery process. That first step involves the addict coming to terms with their disease. Time and again, people in recovery have made it clear that recovery wasn’t possible until they personally understood what was at risk. They had to understand their helplessness in order to create the desire to get beyond it. After reaching the point they could admit they had a disease, then, and only then, were they able to openly reach out for help.

That’s the formula that works. The addict has to want sobriety more than they want the drugs and/or alcohol. They have to want a better way of living. They have to want to do what’s necessary for recovery from the insidious disease of addiction.

The Rest of the Drug Addicts Recovery Process

It would be great if we could say that the first step was the hardest part. Unfortunately, the entire process is difficult. But, at the end of the day, t is also necessary and rewarding. After the all-important first step, it’s time to get down to business.

Getting down to business refers to getting treatment from a premier drug and alcohol addiction treatment center like Beaches Recovery. Drug treatment counselors and clinicians typically divide the drug addicts recovery process into three parts–detox, drug treatment programs, and aftercare programs.

The detox process relieves the patient’s cravings for the drugs. The treatment process, which includes therapy and counseling, teaches the patient about their addiction and the potential end result if they can’t successfully find recovery. Counselors then provide access to aftercare programs in an effort to make sure patients have the resources to stay on the straight and narrow path during good times and bad. When applied properly, this drug addicts recovery approach has a high degree of success.

Information About Beaches Recovery

From our 30-bed Beaches Recovery treatment facility in Jacksonville, Florida, we offer an excellent menu of comprehensive addiction treatment services. For the benefit of incoming patients, we give access to a medically-monitored detox process as needed. After successfully completing this process, we match our patients with a suitable team of counselors and clinicians.

What sets us apart from so many other rehab centers is our focus on providing individualized care. To us, each patient is unique with a unique set of circumstances. As such, we use one of the following treatment options to form a customized program for recovery:

After treatment and discharge, we encourage our patients to take advantage of aftercare programs.

Every day, drug addicts recover from severe drug addictions. When you are ready to admit you are helpless over your addiction, recovery can also be yours. At Beaches Recovery, we stand ready to help you with the treatment process from beginning to end. We can show you the way back to a normal life and a lasting recovery. This can be yours by simply picking up your phone and calling an addiction specialist at 866.605.0532.