Addiction recovery most often takes place at drug and alcohol treatment centers where patients can go through a safe period of withdrawal before beginning other therapies. Since addiction is a mental disorder, it’s rarely reasonable to expect those suffering from it to recover alone. Fortunately, professional addiction treatment can help patients better understand the disease as well as their triggers for substance abuse.

Many of those who struggle with addiction also have co-occurring disorders that should be treated.

What Do Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers Offer?

Any of these addictive substances can be addressed at drug and alcohol treatment centers.

What can you expect when you start treatment at an addiction rehab? Most drug and alcohol treatment centers offer similar evidence-based treatment such as cognitive behavioral therapy and 12-step or non-12 step approaches. However, they may differ in whether they offer detox on-site, inpatient or outpatient programs and other therapies. Some centers may only be equipped for outpatient treatment, while others specialize in residential stays.

Residential treatment tends to have a very structured and organized schedule with nearly every hour of the patient’s day planned out. Patients will sleep and eat at the treatment center. Outpatient treatment allows the patients to go on with the rest of their lives while coming in for counseling and other treatments. Partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient function as in-between programs. Treatment centers may structure their programs so that patients begin in residential and then step down as their recovery gets stronger.

How Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers Can Help

Addiction is a complex mental health issue where no two cases play out exactly the same. Quality drug and alcohol treatment centers have an intensive intake process where every aspect of the patient’s health history and drug use is explored. Addiction usually combines a certain amount of genetic predisposition with poor coping skills. The latter generally makes up over half of the equation, so that gives patients the opportunity to correct behavior and find a path to recovery.

Many addicted individuals became addicted through trying to self-medicate a co-occurring disorder. These mental disorders get treated at the same time as the addiction. Treatment focuses significantly on helping patients find clarity about triggers, stress situations and environments that have led to substance abuse. A controlled environment allows patients to recognize the behavior patterns that they can change and triggers they can avoid after treatment.

Cognitive behavioral therapy remains the most effective and popular method of addiction treatment. CBT focuses on the patient’s responses to certain triggers. Once identified, these negative behaviors are corrected. Focused therapy guides patients towards healthier behaviors. These therapy sessions allow patients to open up about their fears and concerns. Experiential therapies like art or music therapy can allow more introverted patients to express themselves in an activity that they enjoy.

Another way professional treatment can help is by providing a safe environment for patients to go through uncomfortable or unsafe withdrawal symptoms.

Seeking Treatment At Premier Florida Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers

Florida offers many top drug and alcohol treatment centers where patients can experience recovery in a sunny and pleasant environment. Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville offers a Joint Commission accredited, 30-bed facility with a caring and supportive environment for addiction recovery. We offer evidence-based drug and alcohol addiction treatment with a proven success record.

Beaches Recovery offers a high quality of care with a team of experts involved in all phases of treatment and recovery. Some of our programs include:

Your path towards recovery doesn’t have to be boring, either. Our experiential therapies like equine, fitness and adventure therapy will keep things interesting. Patients have opportunities to enjoy surfing, camping, fishing, basketball and more.

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