You can undergo addiction treatment with HealthPartners Insurance. For this, you simply need to understand your policy, rights, and recent coverage changes benefiting your treatment. You also need proof of medical necessity from a licensed professional. All of this comes easily when you talk to Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida about your addiction problems.

You Can Afford Addiction Treatment with HealthPartners Insurance

Woman wondering about addiction treatment with healthpartners insuranceAbout 91 percent of Americans have health insurance coverage now. A large number of people also have HealthPartners Insurance. How much these policies cover for detox and rehab varies from plan to plan.

Benefits, coverage, and expenses seem confusing. But count yourself lucky for having insurance that covers rehab. As recently as a decade ago, getting this help seemed impossible without great cost. Now, health insurance policies provide the same assistance and benefits for addiction recovery as they do for other health problems.

Your plan and benefits cover a range of services and treatments. These include inpatient rehab, outpatient programs, and intensive outpatient programs in an approved facility. Insurance also covers medically supervised detox and dual diagnosis treatment. Benefits include support of individual, group and family therapies, as well as aftercare programs.

In years gone by, health insurance was a luxury. People working part-time, living within a tight budget or those with low income often suffered untreated health problems. But today at Beaches Recovery, you get accredited help in addiction treatment with HealthPartners Insurance. You also enjoy long-term wellness, thanks to quality rehab options.

Covered Drug Addictions

Addiction treatment with HealthPartners Insurance covers a wide range of drug addictions and co-occurring conditions. The most significant rule comes down to whether your treatment proves “medically necessary.”

Medical necessity, the need for treatment for good health, makes it clear to the HealthPartners Insurance company that your life and their profits rely on getting rehab treatment help. Otherwise, you remain in addiction and cost the insurance company far more than a healthy person. In addition, your costs remain higher for ER visits, medical care, infectious diseases, and injuries. Free from a substance use disorder and in good health, you help the insurance company stay profitable.

Differentiating between addictions only costs the insurance providers more. For this, they must require in-depth testing, drug evaluation, medical interviews, and lifestyle probing. So in their efforts to save on excessive costs, insurance companies do not require too much detail of your addiction. They pay the same charges for addiction rehab for opioids as alcohol rehab, for example. After all, any addiction problems mean you need lifesaving treatment.

This means HealthPartners Insurance covered addictions include:

Recent legislation made knowing how to afford addiction treatment with HealthPartners Insurance easier, too. All health plans must give you a one-page summary of their benefits and therapies. These must also show their fees, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Turning to Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville for the Help You Need

Your lasting recovery relies on the right treatment, therapies, and support. You gain all of these in Jacksonville, Florida at Beaches Recovery. Beaches also accepts your HealthPartners Insurance benefits. Programs and services of Beaches Recovery include:

Call Beaches Recovery today at 8662749281 to learn more about addiction treatment with HealthPartners Insurance. Also, learn more about the benefits of quality detox and rehab treatment when you verify your insurance coverage. Call now for this crucial fresh start.