Social groups are an important part of rehab centers in Florida.Alcohol and drug addiction present many dangers in your life or that of someone you love. This is why you need the best possible treatment for your addiction, where rehab and recovery are most positive and cutting-edge. Rehab centers in Florida provide a real chance for lasting recovery for a multitude of reasons. Anyone seeking lasting recovery owes it to themselves and their loved ones to check out some options in Florida, where the highest quality programs provide many options for treatment.

Why Choose from Rehab Centers in Florida?

Florida is widely known as the recovery capital of the world. People seeking positive change in their lives have long gone to the Sunshine State. In fact, many of Florida’s cities maintain large populations of people connected through recovery, support groups, and wellness. The state’s tourism industry makes finding a job during after treatment easier than in most other states, and many people choose to start new lives in Florida.

Rehab centers in Florida feature the Florida Model for recovery, using multiple levels of care. This treatment starts in a Florida detox clinic, like Beaches Recovery Detox at Tides Edge, and follows through rehab and continues in a transitional or sober living environment. Aftercare is a big plus at rehab centers in Florida, for your best chance of making sobriety work after treatment ends.

When family or friends want to visit you in rehab centers in Florida, the state makes this visitation easy. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a trip to Florida, where warm and sunny weather await? In Florida, your family and friends can add theme park fun or beach time to their visit.

Treatment at Rehab Centers in Florida

Some people don’t get to Florida on their own. Instead, many people going to rehab centers in Florida need a little convincing. This convincing usually takes place at an intervention. Your rehab professionals at Beaches Recovery understand this need and help you get the information and support you need to get your loved one into treatment.

Once in Florida, detox is the first step toward sobriety. Everyone leaving drugs and alcohol in the past after addiction should start with detox. Beaches Recovery’s licensed and accredited detox center, Tides Edge, provides supervised detox. You gain comfort, support, medications and care you need for your safest, healthiest first steps into your new life.

World-class therapies in Florida rehab mean your recovery is strong. At Beaches Recovery you get to know your addiction well. You gain insights into why you started abusing substances in the first place. Individual counseling, group therapy, and family therapy settings provide a variety of evidence-based practices, including:

Through these therapies, peer support, the guidance of leading professionals and the safety of your Florida rehab program, you can have a lasting recovery.

Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida

Rehab programs in Florida have long provided the best treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Beaches Recovery leads Florida rehabs, providing an accredited continuum of care from detox to aftercare, and everything in between. Your individualized treatment plan takes you through recovery for your strongest chance of lifelong wellness. Beaches Recovery programs include:

Deciding to enter treatment for addiction is never easy. But your decision becomes easier when you know you receive the highest quality treatment in a beautiful, relaxing environment. Florida’s sunshine, warm weather and a wide variety of year-round activities mean your recovery feels less like work and more like a life-changing personal renovation.

Your treatment should inspire your new, better life to begin. If you or someone you love need addiction treatment for drug or alcohol abuse, call Beaches Recovery now at 866.605.0532. With Beaches’ accredited treatment your new life starts.