When people think of addictive drugs, they typically think about illegal and prescription drugs. However, many over-the-counter medications can cause addiction as well. Those that contain dextromethorphan (DXM) are a prime example of over-the-counter addictive medicines. Finding a DXM drug addiction rehab program in FL is a must for people who struggle with this addiction.

What Is DXM?

Man staring into space may need DXM drug addiction rehab program in FLBefore learning what to look for in a DXM drug addiction rehab program, it’s important to understand this drug. The more people know about a specific drug, the easier it is for them to help others or get help themselves.

DXM is an ingredient that helps people control coughing. It’s in many over-the-counter cough medications. When people take the drug correctly, it’s useful in its ability to control coughing. When they abuse it, though, they can develop dependency or addiction.

Can People Get High From DXM?

Yes, people can get high from DXM. The drug suppresses the area of the brain that regulates coughing. To achieve that goal, the drug interacts with the signals that this area of the brain receives and sends. This area of the brain is the same one with which other drugs such as PCP and ketamine interact.

With standard doses, DXM is safe to take. In large amounts, however, it’s no different from other mind altering substances. Taking too much causes a euphoric state and hallucinations.

Is DXM Addictive?

Believe it or not, DXM is an addictive drug when people abuse it in large quantities. However, what is the danger of DXM addiction?

The biggest danger is that DXM is easy for people to get. They can walk into nearly any store and purchase cough suppressant right off the shelves. It’s important to find a DXM drug addiction rehab program that can help them avoid temptation.

Does DXM Have Withdrawal Symptoms?

If people have DXM addiction, they’re likely to experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop using the drug. They aren’t typically life-threatening symptoms, but they’re uncomfortable.

Visiting a DXM drug addiction rehab program can take the edge off these effects. However, people have to find a program that offers detox services. Not all rehab centers provide detox, which can make finding the right facility more difficult.

DXM Drug Addiction Rehab Program

Finding a DXM drug addiction rehab program in FL isn’t hard. Many rehab centers can help people with drug addictions of nearly any kind. However, finding a drug addiction rehab program with a proven track record is another story. What do people need to look for when choosing a rehab center for DXM addiction?

First, the staff at the facility must understand the struggles of DXM addiction. Not all centers offer support for over-the-counter drugs. In some cases, however, over-the-counter medicines are more dangerous because of the massive amounts that people take to get high.

Next, a DXM drug addiction rehab program should offer a step-down approach. This means that it should include a treatment plan that helps people through the entire rehab process. Proper rehab starts with detox and then moves on to residential care. From there, it’s a good idea to continue with outpatient care that provides support while people rejoin normal life.

Beaches Recovery Has the Help You Need to Beat DXM Addiction

When you search for a DXM drug addiction rehab program in FL, it’s hard to know where to start. However, some rehab centers offer customized programs that stand above the rest. The perfect example of such a rehab center is Beaches Recovery.

We offer a DXM drug addiction rehab program in FL. Our goal is to provide quality assistance that addresses your needs. We offer not only rehab but also detox programs. A few of the programs that we use include:

Don’t let the fact that DXM is an over-the-counter drug fool you. Let us provide the right DXM drug addiction rehab program to fit your needs. Reach out for help from Beaches Recovery at 866.605.0532.