Numerous drugs occur naturally and are harmful to the body. Synthetic drugs, however, can cause the most significant health scares. One such drug is synthetic marijuana or spice. Finding a spice drug addiction rehab program in FL is vital for anyone who has a habit of using this dangerous drug.

What Is Spice?

Sad woman in front of brick wall looking for a spice drug addiction rehab program in FLSpice has many names, including fake weed, K2, and black mamba. Regardless of the name, it’s a mix of man-made chemicals and herbs. The exact ingredients in spice, however, change from seller to seller.

However, why do people refer to spice as synthetic marijuana? These mind altering drugs have a chemical makeup that’s very similar to the THC in real marijuana. Because of the chemicals, though, it’s much more dangerous than natural marijuana.

Is Spice Illegal?

The legality of spice is a complicated one. It’s not uncommon to find people selling it at gas stations or other stores. However, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) lists the chemicals in spice as illegal. How is it that people continue to sell this drug then?

There are two ways that people get around selling this drug legally. First, they change the chemicals that they use to make the drug. Once the DEA bans certain chemicals, they alter them so that the drug remains legal.

Second, most people sell spice with a “not for human consumption” label. Then, they end up selling spice as all-natural incense or fertilizer for plants. Because of that, they have the alibi that they sold the drug with a warning for people not to consume it.

Is the Spice Drug Addictive?

Yes, the spice drug is addictive. Determining how addictive isn’t easy because the chemicals, rather than the herbs, make it addictive. Since manufacturers change the chemicals to get around the laws, the addictive nature of spice varies.

In most cases, however, spice is very addictive. Finding a spice drug addiction rehab program is the best chance people have to get over this drug addiction. They must look for a rehab center that provides a detox program since quitting can cause withdrawal symptoms.

Finding a spice drug addiction rehab program in FL is a good starting point. They can find an excellent facility that offers both rehab and detox in the same location. Doing so reduces stress because rehab is available right after detox.

What to Look for in a Spice Drug Addiction Rehab Program

Besides looking for a rehab center that offers both detox and rehab services, keep several things in mind. First, search for a facility that has both residential and outpatient rehab. It gives the center the ability to offer a step-down approach to treatment. People can start with inpatient rehab and move on to outpatient care when they’re ready.

Next, look for a facility that offers dual diagnosis treatment. All addictions are a mental disease. Once people develop one psychological disorder, it’s easy for the brain to establish another. A good spice drug addiction rehab program takes that into account and includes dual diagnosis care to treat both.

Lastly, look for a rehab center that offers gender-specific rehab. Men and women have different needs when it comes to recovering from addiction. Programs that don’t provide gender-specific treatment use the same plans for both genders. A spice drug addiction rehab program in FL that offers gender-specific treatment gives diverse people the best shot of recovery.

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