In recent years, the illicit synthetic drug market has been growing at an alarming rate. It seems drug users want to experiment with something other than traditional drugs. Unfortunately, the world sees amateur chemists who are more than willing to create drugs for the masses. That’s a shame because the nation faces enough drug abuse issues involving heroin and prescription medications. Where there are synthetic drugs, there is a need for a synthetic drug addiction rehab program.

About Synthetic Drugs

Depressed girl knows she needs a synthetic drug addiction rehab programLet’s us first start by explaining the subtle difference between designer drugs and synthetic drugs. Designer drugs are existing substances people have altered to avoid getting an illegal classification. A synthetic drug is one that dealers manufacture, using only man-made substances instead of natural ingredients.

The current list of illicit synthetic drugs includes some oldies but goodies and some modern-day options. The oldies but goodies include LSD. As for modern-day synthetic drugs, this list includes drugs that are currently very popular and readily available. This list of substances includes synthetic bath salts, “synthetic marijuana,” Ecstasy and a newer drug people call the “N-Bomb.” All told, there might be as many as 200 different synthetic drugs out on the streets.

The one thing all of these substances have in common is they are all very addictive and dangerous. Since they are made with synthetic substances, the way they metabolize in the human body is largely unpredictable. It’s this unpredictability that challenges rehab centers to develop the right synthetic drug addiction rehab program.

Developing a Synthetic Drug Addiction Rehab Program

As we indicated above, drug treatment centers face a real challenge when designing a synthetic drug addiction rehab program. In fact, it takes a bit of trial and error to develop a proper detox program. Why? Some of the newer synthetic substances create strange side effects, which turn into peculiar withdrawal symptoms if the user decides to stop abusing the substance.

Most addiction treatment centers offer treatment programs specifically for synthetic drug addictions. They usually model these programs after programs for drugs that a particular synthetic might closely emulate. Over time, addiction treatment clinicians can adjust treatments as they learn more about the substances in question.

In most cases, a synthetic drug addiction rehab program will start with detox. Until the patient has cleared their withdrawal symptoms and cravings, they could struggle with addiction therapy. During therapy, the counselor’s directive is to learn about the patient’s addiction and its causes. With this information in hand, they are better able to help patients develop some useful coping skills. These coping skills often determine whether or not a recovering addict can stay clean.

Treating All Kinds of Drug Addictions at Beaches Recovery

As one of Florida’s top addiction treatment centers, we choose to treat all types of substances abuse issues. Our services range from detox at our Tides Edge detox facility all the way through aftercare programs. Our aftercare programs provide our patients with access to resources like a 12 step program for addiction. As for the treatment that takes place in our facility, we customize treatment programs for each patient. It’s this kind of flexibility that makes our counselors and clinicians very effective. Here’s a snapshot of the various treatment programs we can offer our patients:

Knowing we can offer a synthetic drug addiction rehab program, you now know where to turn when you need help. The first step, admitting you have an illness, is yours to take. For our part, Beaches Recovery stands ready to give you the support you need. It all starts with a simple call to our Jacksonville, Florida facility at 866.605.0532. You don’t have to live your life as an addict. With the proper focus and commitment, you can live a productive life as a sober citizen.