Deciding to seek help because of an addiction to drugs or alcohol is the first step in healing. Similarly, finding help is key to recovering and returning to positive mental health when someone struggles with a mental health issue. The decision to accept support and find treatment can completely turn one’s life around. However, sometimes individuals hesitate due to worries over insurance coverage. It can seem daunting to deal with insurers and finding the right facility that can work with providers. Fortunately, Beaches Recovery has extensive and positive working relationships with several health insurance providers, both small and nationwide. We believe in getting individuals the addiction treatment they need to heal; insurance shouldn’t be a hurdle or deter someone from recovery.

To this end, Beaches Recovery is proud to be an in-network provider for Bright HealthCare, a fast-growing, nationwide provider serving Florida and twelve other states.

Beaches Recovery in Partnership with Bright HealthCare

Bright HealthCare is dedicated to simplifying the health insurance process. Bright HealthCare can deliver some of the best care available with benefits-packed plans at exceptional rates by carefully cultivating their care partners. Beaches Recovery is proud to work with an insurance company that puts individuals first, ensuring they get the highest quality treatment possible from facilities like ours that deliver comprehensive and effective rehab programs.

Finding the addiction treatment or mental health support you need is about building a relationship and establishing trust. At Beaches Recovery, we view each of our patients as individuals. This is why we work with clients to craft a customized treatment plan that gives them the tools they need to identify, address, and ultimately overcome their substance use disorder or mental health concerns. Our team of counselors, therapists, and medical experts listens to clients and adapt to their needs as they progress through treatment. When individuals come to Beaches Recovery, they are more likely to achieve their goals in recovery. As a result, Bright HealthCare trusts our facility.

By adding Bright HealthCare to our array of insurance providers, Beaches Recovery continues to offer one of the most comprehensive sets of treatment programs not just in Florida but the nation. Our core values at Beaches Recovery align with the insurers we partner with. We understand that our clients and their families want things to run as smoothly as possible when seeking treatment with our expert team. Healing from substance use disorder, whether drug or alcohol addiction, takes time. It requires patience. But it can be anxiety-inducing trying to navigate coverage. By working with Bright HealthCare, individuals can rest assured that not only are they able to access concierge-level care, but also that they also don’t have to experience undue stress about cost.

Addiction Treatment at Beaches Recovery

While deciding to seek addiction treatment is a vital first step, several different substance abuse treatment programs are out there. So it’s also essential to understand what one’s options are. At Beaches Recovery, we’ve made it a point to offer the complete spectrum of care and a vast array of therapeutic options so that individuals experience genuine, long-term recovery.

Our addiction treatment programs can help individuals who are struggling with nearly any kind of substance use disorder. For example, our programs cover:

No matter the substance use disorder you or a loved one is struggling with, our team of addiction treatment professionals can help. We work alongside clients to identify their goals in recovery and examine their specific needs to return to good health.

Dual Diagnosis and Medication-Assisted Treatment

Addiction is a complex and chronic disease. Like any disease, addiction requires professional support to help individuals overcome it. However, a dependency on drugs or alcohol rarely occurs in isolation.

In most cases, individuals are also struggling with an underlying mental health concern like depression, anxiety, or PTSD, among many others. These types of issues are common, even for people not dependent upon drugs or alcohol. Often, individuals are unaware they have an underlying mental health condition that is causing them to self-medicate with substances. When this is the case, what they are struggling with is a co-occurring disorder that requires dual diagnosis treatment, which treats both conditions simultaneously.

The dual diagnosis program at Beaches Recovery is just one of the many approaches we use. Another approach is medication-assisted treatment, or MAT, which uses strictly administered medications like Suboxone to help people manage cravings and overcome withdrawal symptoms. When individuals come to Beaches Recovery, we conduct a thorough examination and intake process. This allows us to provide clients with the most effective treatment for their needs. Successful addiction treatment begins by finding the right level of care.

Finding the Right Treatment for Mental Health and Addiction Issues

At Beaches Recovery, we offer a complete spectrum of care. Clients can move progressively through our treatment programs or, upon intake, slot into the appropriate program for their immediate needs. Our programs include:

  • Detox: Working with our partner, Tides Edge Detox, we provide drug and alcohol detox to clients requiring it before entering the treatment program appropriate to their needs.
  • Residential treatment: This traditional rehab approach sees clients stay at our facility for at least 30 days as they work through the therapies necessary to help them heal.
  • Partial hospitalization program: PHP is designed for individuals who need structured treatment but can’t commit to inpatient care. Here, individuals come to our facility for a fixed block of hours every day but return home afterward.
  • Intensive outpatient program: Like PHP, our IOP provides the same high-quality care but in a condensed schedule built around the needs of the individual. This kind of day-rehab allows individuals still to meet their work, family, or other commitments.
  • Outpatient rehab: Because addiction is a chronic condition, outpatient rehab is one way to continue to receive support after treatment.
  • Sober living: For some, making the transition back to everyday living after treatment can be a challenge. In this program, individuals reside in a community house as they live and work, applying what they’ve learned in treatment, knowing they have support should they need it.

These addiction treatment programs are just some of what we offer at Beaches Recovery. We also provide addiction treatment programs designed to meet the needs of those in high-stress professions. For instance, we offer a program for first responders struggling with dependency. Individuals can also find programs that understand the unique strain and temptations facing business executives. These high-stress occupations often put a mental and physical strain on individuals putting them at higher risk for substance use disorder and mental health concerns. At Beaches Recovery, we know how to address the issues specific to individuals in these industries and specialize in helping them heal.

Find the Rehab You Need at Beaches Recovery

At Beaches Recovery, we accept a wide range of insurance providers and plans. We believe in providing individuals in need with the support necessary to heal. Anxiety about whether or not insurance will cover treatment shouldn’t burden someone looking to recover. Our admissions counselors can work with individuals to verify their insurance and find the right rehab program for their unique needs.

Now that Beaches Recovery is in-network with Bright HealthCare, individuals, their family, and loved ones have even more options. Alongside Bright HealthCare, we partner with other national providers, including:

  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • Humana
  • Magellan

Addiction treatment is just a phone call away at 866.605.0532, or contact us online. Reach out today to discover how our facility can deliver affordable, high-quality treatment to help you or a loved one achieve lasting recovery.