Heroin is one of the most powerful drugs, as well as one of the most dangerous. It has no medicinal use because it was created as a designer drug purely for recreational use. It may take months to become addicted to other drugs, including other opiates. However, you can become addicted to heroin after just one use. If you’re searching for heroin addiction treatment near Georgia, consider coming to Beaches Recovery, a heroin rehab center near Georgia, for a change of pace and effective treatment.

Heroin Addiction Side Effectsman seeks out heroin rehab in Georgia.

Due to the addictive nature of heroin, you will require the supervision of medical professionals and trained psychologists during detox. Some of the more moderate side effects of heroin use include nausea, dry mouth, and itchy skin. On the extreme end, you can suffer from kidney damage, muscle pain, liver damage, mental disorders, and heart disease.

Beaches Recovery is a certified drug rehab center close to Georgia. We offer heroin rehab and detox, as well as medically assisted recovery. We understand that you cannot just decide to give up heroin one day and be fully recovered the next. That’s why we offer extended care, aftercare, and other programs for those who need additional help to make the transition from recovery to a drug-free life.

Why Heroin Rehab Is Important

People become addicted to heroin for different reasons. Some may begin with an addiction to prescription opioids. Others may turn to heroin while experimenting with street drugs. When you started using the drug, you probably had no idea how dangerous it could be. At Beaches Recovery, we use holistic and traditional psychotherapy approaches to help you develop the skills to resist cravings.

In addition to a substance abuse disorder, some of our clients have co-occurring mental disorders that also require treatment. In our dual diagnosis treatment program, you can work on underlying conditions such as anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder that may have triggered your drug use.

If you started to use heroin as a way to mask mental health disorders, you might benefit from anger management and other classes that give you the skills you need to handle stressful situations.

Heroin Rehab to Combat Addiction

Because the withdrawal symptoms and cravings of heroin are so powerful, we may recommend that you consider our residential drug treatment program. This allows us to provide structure and supervision while you focus on getting well. Without the distractions of home, you may have a much better chance of achieving a full recovery.

Choose from the heroin rehab format that best fits your needs, including the following:

What to Expect at Beaches Recovery

We start with a detailed admissions process to learn more about you. Once we understand your goals, we can assign an individualized heroin rehab plan. You may undergo dialectical behavior therapy to learn how to accept your addiction and work through the craving by focusing on the moment.

Heroin detox is not easy, but you can make it through with the right guidance. You can take yoga, meditation, and other holistic classes that help you focus your thoughts and overcome cravings. Additionally, individual and group therapy gives you the chance to discuss your feelings and encourage other clients on their journey.

Drug and Alcohol Recovery for Georgia Residents

Our dedicated staff members put their hearts into their work and encourage just when you need it the most. Are you ready to live a drug-free lifestyle with mental clarity and meaningful goals when you return home to Georgia? We’re here to help you succeed. Contact Beaches Recovery at 866.605.0532 to enroll in our heroin addiction treatment program in Jacksonville, FL.