Heroin doesn’t have any medicinal use. This street drug quickly produces a euphoric state and has extremely addictive qualities. Alcohol and other drugs typically take weeks to create a physical dependency. However, heroin addiction may follow from only one use. If you are struggling with heroin use disorder in Virginia, you may want to consider the benefits of treatment at a heroin rehab in Florida. At Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, we help clients from all over the country start their recovery with a fresh outlook.

 Heroin Addiction

Because of its addictive qualities and hazardous side effects, heroin detox requires the supervision of trained medical and clinical staff members. Side effects of using heroin include nausea, itching, dry mouth, slow cognitive functioning, and flushed skin. On the extreme end, the side effects of using heroin can leave to overdose, coma, or death.

Other serious side effects include the following:Man seeks help with Virginia addiction treatment

  • Muscle pain and cramping
  • Heart damage
  • Stomach cramps
  • Kidney damage
  • Liver damage
  • Mental disorders
  • Nausea and vomiting

Our drug rehab center in Jacksonville allows you to leave the temptations and frustrations of life behind you meaning you can focus on your recovery.

How Heroin Addiction Develops

Throughout Virginia and the United States, people may turn to heroin for numerous reasons. Some people may have undiagnosed mental health disorders and turn to alcohol and drug use as a form of self-medication. Heroin addiction may also stem from prescription opioid addictions. Many people using heroin suffer from some mental or physical pain before using this dangerous drug.

Co-occurring disorders require specialized treatment. As part of our heroin addiction treatment programs, we offer dual diagnosis therapy. When you come to Beaches Recovery, you can get the help you need for mental health disorders and physical dependency on heroin and other opioids.

Along with our heroin rehab program, we have a dual diagnosis program that treats mental disorders and substance use disorders together. Since these disorders are usually interconnected, it doesn’t make sense to treat substance abuse without also addressing underlying causes such as mental health issues.

Heroin Rehab for Dependency

The main issue with heroin surrounds its extreme addictive quality. After only one use, you may experience harsh symptoms of withdrawal. Because the withdrawal symptoms are so severe, many people continue to avoid then by using more heroin.

Heroin rehab must take into account the insidious qualities of this drug. An important part of your treatment at Beaches Recovery includes medically assisted detox. Our heroin rehab programs provide hope and strength through the difficult but rewarding process of getting your life back! With the assistance of qualified medical and therapeutic staff, you can defeat your dependency on heroin.

Our flexible treatment options include residential treatment programs and outpatient treatment programs that fit the needs of our clients. Contact us today to find out more about our heroin addiction treatment programs.

What to Expect During Heroin Addiction Treatment in Jacksonville

During the admissions process, you will fill out a questionnaire and talk to one of our admissions team members about your recovery. Chances are, the first phase of your journey will involve a heroin rehab and detox center. Following detox, you have a much better chance of fighting off cravings. Additionally, you can approach recovery with a clear mind and a body free of harmful substances.

Heroin addiction treatment typically includes intensive individual therapy and group therapy that provides peer support. While you are in our recovery program, you receive education about your addiction and how to identify and avoid triggers. Therefore, when you finish the recovery program, you have a much better chance of a lasting recovery. Don’t let heroin determine your future.

If you are a Virginia resident searching for a heroin rehab center in Florida, contact Beaches Recovery at 866.605.0532 today. We can provide more information on our heroin rehab program in Jacksonville and get you started on your journey to drug-free living.