The United States is in battling an opioid use epidemic. In 2018, opioids played a role in almost 70% of all drug overdose deaths. Opioids are highly addictive yet, often provided for pain relief by physicians. The state of Arkansas is the second-highest in opioid prescriptions. Because of the addictive nature of these drugs, opioid rehab is often necessary for recovery. What should you be looking for in an opioid rehab in Arkansas? For many, the best treatment can be found outside of the state at a facility like Beaches Recovery.

sign for opioid rehabWhat are Opioids?

Johns Hopkins Medicine describes opioids as a class of drugs the come from the opium poppy plant. There are also synthetic forms of opioids like fentanyl growing in popularity because they are less expensive, increasing opioid addiction.

Opioids work by blocking pain signals that go between the brain and body. The same mechanism that helps to end pain also provides a euphoric feeling. The opioid binds with key receptors in the nervous system, triggering the brain’s release of feel-good chemicals.

Over time, the brain comes to rely on the drug to releases these chemicals, so you can’t get them without it. Opioid drug use also changes brain chemistry, so when someone stops using, they go through withdrawal as the brain tries to balance these chemicals.

It’s that withdrawal that makes drug rehab so critical to someone with opioid addiction in Arkansas. Withdrawal produces uncomfortable side effects like nausea, chills, and muscle aches. Going to a managed detox program and then opioid rehab for Arkansas residents is the best hope for recovery.

Finding Opioid Rehab

When searching for opioid rehab while in Arkansas, you want to look for a specializing program in opioid addiction. That will ensure they offer the kind of treatment modalities best suited to opioid addiction.

No two many people handle addiction the same way, though. It might be necessary to look at opioid rehab in other areas, too, to find one that will create an individualized plan based on your needs.

You want an accredited program by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). It’s one of the first things you should check when searching for opioid rehab in Arkansas and surrounding states. An accredited facility will offer evidence-based treatment.

Finally, look for an opioid rehab that offers dual diagnosis treatment. Studies indicate a connection between mental health issues, such as depression and substance use disorders. A program that provides dual diagnosis treatment will allow you to get therapy for both issues at once and reduce your risk of relapse.

Beaches Recovery Drug Rehab

Beaches Recovery drug rehab sits in beautiful Jacksonville, Florida. We offer a 90-bed treatment facility with JCAHO accreditation.

The services at Beaches Recovery include:

The Beaches Recovery staff provides individualized care plans that meet each client’s needs. We also provide gender-specific treatment and family therapy. After you complete primary care in the opioid rehab program, you can enter into our sober living program to live with other people in recovery. A sober living will emulate daily life at Beaches Recovery to further support you while transitioning back to normal life drug-free.

Detox is available at Tides Edge Detox Center in nearby Jacksonville Beach. They are a fully accredited and medically supervised detox center with 24-hour monitoring and nursing care. Like Beaches Recovery, Tides Edge Detox Center partners with most insurance companies, including Aetna, BCBS, Humana, Magellan, VA CCN, and United.

Opioid addiction does not have to take control of your life; help is available. There is hope when you seek treatment at an opioid rehab center like Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, FL. Give us a call at 866.605.0532, or contact us online today to find out more about our opioid program.