All over the world, people are still playing with dangerous chemicals. By the way, they aren’t doing science experiments. They are using and abusing some of the most hazardous chemicals on the planet. As one should expect, we are seeing a record number of people suffering from some form of chemical dependence. The list of substances includes heroin, meth, prescription painkillers, cocaine and designer drugs like Purple Drank. All of this is adding up to significant problems from one state to the next.

The Truth About Chemical Dependence

Concerned man hugging himself dealing with chemical dependenceAnyone abusing drugs is putting themselves on a one way street to prison, insanity or death. For sure, many of the most popular illicit substances offer feelings of euphoria or an unnatural boost of energy, but at what price? The bottom line is chemical dependence wreaks havoc on the user’s body, mind, and soul. By the way, it also dishes out collateral damage to the user’s loved ones and society in general.

Once a user finds themselves caught up in an addiction, their choices are just a few. They can keep using until they hit bottom or they can do something to kick the habit. There are plenty of Internet and home remedies out there for addiction. Unfortunately, they seldom if ever work, particularly in the long run. The only viable way to battle addiction is by seeking help from licensed addiction treatment programs.

Chemical Dependence Treatment

We alluded to the limited number of options an addict has once they decide they’ve had enough. Fortunately, the number of addiction treatment options in rehab are robust. Much has changed in the addiction treatment industry over the last ten years. Many of the nation’s top rehab centers, Beaches Recovery included, now offer custom treatment options.

Of course, the treatment process starts with an admission interview. Facility clinicians are seeking information they can use as a basis for developing the proper treatment plan. In many cases, the first step is detox. Depending on the depth of a patient’s addiction, they may need help getting through the withdrawal process. This is a critical treatment option because so many withdrawal symptoms are dangerous. Under the supervision of medical staff, the patient is safe and comfortable while their mind and body adjust to life without chemical dependence.

After detox, the facility’s therapists can go to work with the patient. The goal of therapy is two-fold. First, the patient is looking for answers. They usually want to know why they feel helpless against substance abuse. Many times, they find comfort in understanding the nature of their disease. It also gives them an idea of what kind of coping skills for recovery they need to avoid relapses.

Coping skills and support groups will eventually form a line of defense for each recovering addict. They need these tools because eventually, triggers and temptations will appear. The last thing anyone wants is to relapse and end up back at step one.

About Tides Edge Detox and Beaches Recovery

Both our Tides Edge detox facility and main treatment center are in Jacksonville, Florida. As a premier treatment organization, we offer a wide range of addiction treatment services. We are Joint Commission accredited and accept insurance payments from most of the nation’s top healthcare insurance providers. Our services are available for both men and women, young and old, and most substance addictions. Our treatment plans include the following:

As you battle chemical dependence, you will reach a point where you are sick of your addiction cycle. This is a clear signal you are ready for help. When that time comes, you can get the help you need by calling Beaches Recovery at 866.605.0532. Through your commitment and focus, you can place yourself firmly on the road to recovery. In the process, you can earn back the life you have been sacrificing to the world of drug abuse.