Drug dealers and illicit drug producers are always looking for ways to game the system and provide a “better” high. Never has that been more evident than with the introduction of synthetic cannabinoid–marijuana. As the nation acclimates to the legalization of marijuana, we are seeing a “new breed” of pot on the streets. In fact, it is not pot at all. This has become a concern because we are starting to see the frequent occurrence of synthetic cannabinoid addiction.

Facts About Synthetic Cannabinoid

People laughing during synthetic cannabinoid addiction treatment program in flContrary to what drug dealers would have everyone believe, the synthetic cannabinoid is anything but natural or herbal. In fact, it’s not really marijuana, though it has some of the same side effects. Any notion these drugs are actual marijuana products seems nothing more than a ploy to confuse law enforcement. Synthetic cannabinoids are made with chemical compounds manufactured in illegal labs. They first came to America’s streets within the last few years.

Synthetic pot is sold on the streets under names like “Spice” and “K2”. While dealers may claim these drugs offer the same effects as pot, the truth is something entirely different. There is some level of euphoria and relaxation. That’s where the common effects stop. Beyond that, Spice is capable of creating heart rate and blood pressure issues, hallucinations, psychosis, violence, or suicidal thoughts.

While the debate about marijuana addiction rages onward, there’s little doubt Spice is highly-addictive. The high occurrence of synthetic cannabinoid addiction is the reason why Beaches Recovery offers a synthetic cannabinoid addiction treatment program in FL. Treatment programs come to life when demand makes the call.

More About Synthetic Cannabinoid Addiction

It indeed is a misnomer to call these substances synthetic marijuana. Aside from the aforementioned common effects, they have nothing in common. We find that especially true when we look at the synthetic cannabinoid addiction side effects. Keep in mind that some experts are not yet sure marijuana is addictive. With Spice, we see some of the following addiction signs:

  • Disruption of normal sleep patterns
  • Increased tolerance, which results in increased use
  • Social withdrawal and decreased interest in previously enjoyed activities
  • Preoccupation with securing the substance
  • Abrupt mood swings leaning towards anger and violence
  • Inability to address normal responsibilities
  • The onset of withdrawal symptoms after periods of non-use

Arguably, these are the signs of addiction one would expect to see with opioids or amphetamines. Just the same, these are the signs of synthetic cannabinoid addiction hiding under the name synthetic marijuana. We see them every day while we administer our Spice drug addiction rehab program in FL.

More About Beaches Recovery’s Synthetic Cannabinoid Addiction Treatment Program in FL

We are proud to have the top synthetic cannabinoid addiction treatment program in FL. Along with our multitude of other addiction treatment programs, we have an extensive menu of treatment services. What makes us a premier treatment facility is our focus on custom treatment programs for our patients. We operate in Jacksonville under accreditation from the Joint Commission. We accept payment for our services from most of the top healthcare insurance providers. Along with custom programs we design specifically for men or women, we also offer the following treatment alternatives:

At the conclusion of treatment, we offer our patients access to aftercare resources. The most popular resources include 12-Step meetings, sober living, and additional outpatient counseling.

If your marijuana abuse has turned into a synthetic cannabinoid addiction, you’re going to need help kicking the habit. In that regard, we invite you to our synthetic cannabinoid addiction treatment program in FL. You can start the treatment process with a simple call to Beaches Recovery at 866.605.0532. Don’t let your life fall prey to substances like synthetic marijuana.