Making the decision to enter a Vyvanse addiction treatment program puts you in the right mindset to improve your life. After all, Vyvanse addiction messes up every aspect of your daily life. Through rehab treatment, you stop losing everything you care about. You also start building a brighter future, one where you meet your life goals.

About Vyvanse ADHD Medication

Serious bearded man looking for a vyvanse addiction treatment programDoctors prescribe Vyvanse for treatment of ADHD. Drug companies developed this drug in 1997 as an option to amphetamines used for ADHD, like Ritalin and Adderall. Despite being less potent, this drug leads many people into addiction. Whether they take the medication under a doctor’s care or use it illegally, a Vyvanse addiction treatment program provides the only way out of Vyvanse dependence.

Vyvanse has a longer half-life than some ADHD drugs. Its time-released properties put off its initial effects. They also prolong these effects for a longer-lasting benefit.

This means people using Vyvanse for ADHD enjoy greater stability over the course of their medication use. They do not require multiple daily doses of their medication, as for Ritalin and Adderall.

Sadly, many people abusing the drug alter its time-released effects. They do this by emptying capsules to snort the drug. This causes a faster and more powerful high. It also causes them to build dependence on the drug, making rehab treatment critical.

How Vyvanse Works in the Brain

Vyvanse increases the flow of some essential brain chemicals. These give you feelings of alertness, focus, euphoria, and energy. Vyvanse addiction takes hold when you seek these feelings time and again, in greater strength through substance abuse.

Signs of someone you love abusing Vyvanse include very talkative behavior, sleep problems, mood swings, dilated pupils, and headaches. Other signs include heart problems, fast weight loss, psychosis, delusions, and paranoia. People you once felt close to seem hostile when they abuse this ADHD medication.

Other means of knowing about a loved one’s addiction include seeing the signs of withdrawal. Withdrawal happens whenever someone addicted to a drug stops using the substance. Or, these signs appear between doses after addiction takes place. Withdrawal from Vyvanse includes:

  • Lethargy
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Restlessness

Seeing signs of substance abuse and addiction withdrawal means your loved one needs a Vyvanse addiction treatment program. Otherwise, they risk a long list of medical problems. Health problems from Vyvanse addiction include heart disease, panic attacks, tremors, and paranoia. In a Vyvanse addiction treatment program, your loved one improves their health and well-being while learning how to prevent substance abuse relapse.

Beaches Recovery for Vyvanse Addiction Treatment Program Help

When you or your loved one need a Vyvanse addiction treatment program, Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, FL provides that help. Beaches Recovery’s Vyvanse addiction treatment includes:

Beaches Recovery’s Vyvanse addiction treatment does not limit your individualized care. Whether you seek 12 step or non-12 step rehab, both options take place at Beaches. You build strength in recovery, learn about your addiction, acquire relapse prevention skills and learn life skills training for daily life. Your family also rebuilds closer relationships during your Vyvanse addiction treatment.

Waiting is never the right choice for Vyvanse addiction treatment. You or your loved one with substance abuse problems stand to lose too much. Do not wait for “rock bottom.” Instead, get Vyvanse addiction treatment with a stimulant addiction treatment program at Beaches Recovery.

Call Beaches Recovery at 8662749281 for more information about the accredited Vyvanse addiction treatment program in Jacksonville. Getting the right help puts your past and present problems behind you. You stop struggling with your addiction and its daily toll on your life. Make the call to Beaches Recovery in Florida right now.