Heroin reaches the brain very rapidly, regardless of whether it’s inhaled, injected or smoked. Such a quick delivery to this vital organ makes heroin one of the riskiest illicit drugs to use, as well as one of the most addictive, requiring heroin addiction rehab to kick the habit.

The Decision to Enter Heroin Addiction Rehab

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, approximately 4.2 million Americans have used heroin. Approximately 23% of those who try the drug become addicted. Once addicted to heroin, breaking the cycle of substance abuse is extremely difficult.

Unfortunately, heroin is terribly dangerous. This is particularly true in its effect on the brain stem, the area of the brain responsible for critical life functions, such as breathing, blood pressure and arousal.

Making the decision to enter heroin addiction rehab is a lifesaving one. Treatment centers like Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, FL provide assistance with the psychological and physiological ramifications of heroin addiction, as well as the underlying causes of substance abuse.

Heroin Addiction Rehab in the Florida Model of Treatment

Using the Florida model of treatment, Beaches Recovery provides the vast benefits this model of rehabilitation presents to recovering addicts.

An important aspect of the Florida model of addiction recovery is that of treatment. Counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy are major components of treatment at Beaches Recovery, where addicts are able to pinpoint the contributing factors that led to their drug use and addiction in the first place. These therapies also help them learn coping skills and other means of sustaining ongoing recovery.

Group therapy provides important socialization for these addicts who have become more accustomed to retreating within themselves as part of physical and social isolation of heroin use. This is a vital aspect to any successful recovery.

Holistic and alternative treatments within the Florida model of heroin addiction rehab provide wellness and balance for the individual as a supplement to psychotherapy. Remember that recovery is about more than getting off heroin. It’s about staying off heroin.

First Steps Toward a New Life

Many people claim that heroin addiction rehab is a pathway to a new life or a fresh start. This is true, in that so much has been lost during the addicts’ period of substance abuse that there’s much to regain. This fresh start is only a matter of a few steps from where you or your loved one are right now.

Taking the first step and contacting us will help the addict in your life begin anew for the chance of a healthy future that everyone deserves. Call Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, FL today at 904.615.6361 and take the burden of heroin addiction off your back.