Like many states in the south, Arkansas has seen an escalation in drug abuse. It is ranked second in the country of over-prescribing opioid painkillers with an average of 114.6 prescriptions per 100 people. The national average is 66.5 prescriptions per 100 people. The rapid increase of opioids has sent many people looking for drug rehab in Arkansas.

Finding the right addiction help is key to taking back your life. It’s not always easy to find a treatment center that fits your individual needs, though. It takes a working understanding of addiction to know what to look for in drug rehab. Also, some of the best drug rehab can be found outside the state like at a facility such as Beaches Recovery.

group discusses drug rehab in ArkansasWhat is Addiction?

Addiction, or substance use disorder, is defined as a complex condition that involves the uncontrolled use of a substance like opioids or alcohol despite the consequences. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders breaks it down even further to include:

  • Social impairment – Using the substance despite its effects on social relationships.
  • Placing yourself at risk – Risky behavior occurs when taking a drug such as drunk driving or going someplace unsafe to get high.
  • Lack of control – A person with a substance use disorder may try to quit multiple times without success.
  • Withdrawal – Physical and mental symptoms develop whenever you stop using the drug, such as tremors, fever, or muscle aches.

Finding the right drug rehab can provide a path to recovery, but what should you look for in a treatment program?

Finding Drug Rehab

Finding the best drug rehab when you’re in Arkansas may require looking beyond your city and state. You want addiction help in Arkansas or a surrounding state that provides individualized care plans. They should evaluate what you need and then create a plan to meet those needs.

The right drug rehab will also have the proper accreditation from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). This ensures they provide evidence-based treatment modalities.

If you need to travel to another state, you’ll want a program that offers managed live-in detox and residential care. That will put you in a safe environment while you go through withdrawal and treatment.

Finally, pick a drug rehab that provides some aftercare support, such as sober living. A sober living program allows you to live with other people in recovery while transitioning back to your normal life drug-free.

Beaches Recovery Drug Rehab

Beaches Recovery drug rehab, located in Jacksonville, Florida, is a 90-bed treatment facility with JCAHO accreditation. Located among some of the Sunshine State’s most beautiful beaches, we offer the services anyone searching for addiction help in Arkansas needs, including:

The Beaches Recovery staff does a full evaluation of each client and then creates an individualized care plan based on your needs. Besides primary care, Beaches Recovery also offers dual diagnosis treatment, meaning we provide mental health treatment and a drug rehab for Arkansas residents. Studies show there is a direct connection between mental health issues like depression and substance use disorders.

Detox is available at Tides Edge Detox Center in Jacksonville Beach. Like Beaches Recovery, they partner with most insurance companies, including Aetna, BCBS, Humana, VA CCN, Magellan, and United.

Once you complete detox, you can enter the Beaches Recovery drug rehab program sober and ready to find that path to recovery that’s right for you. After you complete your primary care treatment, Beaches Recovery provides sober living services to help you transition back to your life drug-free.

Addiction doesn’t have to define you. Give us a call at 866.605.0532, or contact us online today to find out more about Beaches Recovery.