Palm Valley Florida, located on the northeast coast, is home to 21,630 residents and also rests in St. John’s County just south of Jacksonville, Florida, a much larger city. Of coruse, as with any large or small town in America, Palm Valley has plenty of drug problems. From opiate abuse to meth as well as cocaine addiction, the struggle is real for many in this area. That’s why it’s so crucial to have a Jacksonville drug rehab center in the city.

The Drug Epidemic

Man walks on beach at his Palm Valley FL drug rehab centerOf course, while we like to think that drug addiction would never affect our lives, the sad facts paint a different picture. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that every day in the United States approximately 130 people or more die from overdosing on opioids alone.

These drugs include not only prescription pain relievers but also fentanyl and heroin, too. This doesn’t take into account the abuse of other substances such as cocaine or alcohol. The overwhelming drug epidemic necessitates the creation of Palm Valley FL drug rehab services.

The Cry for Help in Palm Valley, FL

Anywhere you have a town affected by drug addiction, then you have a town crying out for help. People who are caught up in the middle of drug addiction in Palm Valley, FL feel the pain of their addiction. Their families also feel the pain, and the whole community struggles along with them.

Unfortunately, drug and alcohol addiction is not just an individual’s problem; it is a community problem. Without Palm Valley drug rehab facilities, then the cry for help goes unanswered.

A Palm Valley FL drug rehab center is an invaluable asset for the health of the individual as well as the community. As individuals heal from their addictions, so does Palm Valley.

Discovering Freedom Through Palm Valley Drug Rehab Services

If you or someone you love in Palm Valley, FL is addicted to opioids, meth, cocaine, or alcohol, there is hope and freedom. By taking certain steps, the person addicted to drugs or alcohol can find the joy of a life free from addiction. These steps include:

  • Admitting that they do have an addiction issue
  • Removing themselves from friends who participate in these activities
  • Connecting with friends and family for moral support
  • Finding a Palm Valley FL drug rehab center

Selecting the Best Palm Valley FL Drug Rehab Center

People with addictions need evidence-based therapies when seeking help at a Palm Valley FL drug rehab facility. It’s not good enough to simply check into any place— it needs to adhere to certain requirements in order to be effective. What should you look for if you or someone you love requires the services of a Palm Valley drug rehab center? Here are a few things:

  • Proven, science-based therapies
  • A holistic approach
  • A caring environment where everyone is respected
  • Several program options for a customized approach
  • Dual diagnosis treatment plans
  • Proven results and testimonials

Introducing Beaches Recovery

Welcome to Beaches Recovery where our JCAHO accredited program brings together body, mind, and spirit for complete healing. We offer hope for those in need through our several addiction treatment programs including:

At Beaches, we use evidence-based programs, which means our methods and therapies are rooted in science. Our dedicated therapists and psychiatrists have years of experience helping people break free from addiction.

Take control of your life and find the freedom you crave. You can overcome your addiction by going to quality Palm Valley FL drug rehab. Get in touch with us and start your journey to recovery today! Call 866.605.0532.