Group therapy provides patients with an excellent lifeline of support. Many underestimate the importance of group support. The reality is most patients will struggle to stay clean even with the help of loved ones and other recovering addicts. A closer look at addiction group therapy activities reveals that counselors go to great lengths to create camaraderie. Many times, this fellowship ends up extending far beyond treatment.

About Addiction Group Therapy Activities

Young people participating in addiction group therapy activities at rehabThe effectiveness of group therapy often depends on the design of the sessions. When a group comes together, there needs to be a high level of structure. Group provides the valuable time that each participant needs to get some level of benefit. It’s also an opportunity for recovering people to come together in unity. It truly helps for one patient to realize there are so many other people going through similar struggles.

Part of building a structure in a session is developing addiction group therapy activities that are both fun and meaningful. If patients enjoy going to group, they are likely to get more out of it. While group counselors are mostly responsible for creating a format, patient input adds value. The best way to understand the importance of group therapy is to consider some of the activities offered. Based on the following list, it should be clear that addiction treatment has changed in recent years. Here are a few interesting addiction group therapy activities worth considering:

  • As patients introduce themselves, have them disclose some weird and strange things about themselves
  • Design a session around gratitude. Have each patient point out things in their life for which they are genuinely grateful
  • Initiate philosophical discussions about imperfections, failure and the importance of putting forth effort in spite of obstacles
  • Have each patient discuss what they would tell themselves if they were small children just getting ready to enter grade school
  • Music therapy – Have patients discuss the importance of music in their lives

As this list indicates, addiction group therapy activities can be both fun and thought-provoking at the same time.

The Holistic Approach to Treatment

Modern-day rehabs don’t treat patients as clones. Many of the top rehab facilities, Beaches Recovery included, design treatment addressing the whole patient. Holistic treatment options are now available within the addiction treatment industry. Activity-based therapies are also proving to be very popular with patients. These activities play a big part in helping patients get in touch with their inner-selves. They also allow patients the opportunity to discover new interests, which might serve as a replacement for addictive behaviors.

Here’s a short list of activity-based options that therapists can integrate into addiction group therapy activities:

Treatment Options at Beaches Recovery

Beaches Recovery is an advocate for activities-based treatment. We feel strongly that each patient needs treatment as a unique individual. We also believe treatment should address all aspects of a patient’s life. Using this approach, we provide a wide range of treatment options. The list includes detox, various therapies, and aftercare programs, which we deliver via one of these options:

If you are suffering from an addiction, don’t let any preconceived notions stop you from getting help. The last thing you want to do is spend your life caught in the cycle of addiction. If you want a better life, you need to come to grips with your addiction and ask for help.

Addiction group therapy activities at Beaches Recovery can help. You can do that by picking up the phone and calling Beaches Recovery center at 866.605.0532. Time and effort equal recovery. Recovery equals the opportunity to lead a normal life without the need for drugs and alcohol.