two women discuss individual addiction care

Do I Need Individual Addiction Care?

Drug abuse is a common problem throughout the US. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to get help with the stigma of addiction. Even when someone accepts that they have an addiction, they still need to find the right addiction program. They may have problems finding the right individual addiction care they need. With the…

woman sitting with therapist during addiction therapy services atlanta ga

Addiction Therapy Services in Atlanta, GA

Addiction therapy services in Atlanta, GA, can give you the insight, support, and guidance you need right now so you can stop using drugs and alcohol. At Beaches Recovery, we offer the addiction therapy programs you need to turn the corner and find the path towards improvement. With a comprehensive number of options available to…

a group of people talk at a 12 step program of aa

How Does the 12 Step Program Work?

After seeing patients complete treatment for substance abuse, rehab counselors and clinicians send patients out into the world to test their sober wings. If they are fortunate to have received treatment from a premier rehab facility like Beaches Recovery, patients should be heading out with a number of aftercare tools at their disposal. At the…

man on bed with head in hands concerned about compromised immune system

Compromised Immune System Increases Risk of Coronavirus

Coronavirus, or COVID-19, affects people of all ages and socio-economic levels. There are some groups of people that are at greater risk of contracting the coronavirus or other serious viruses, infections, or illnesses. Perhaps you heard that the elderly population is at greater risk of getting sick from coronavirus. Did you know that individuals that…

a woman stares out the window as she thinks about depression and addiction

How to Handle Depression and Addiction

For many, mood and mental health disorders are gateways to addiction. Nowhere is this truer than with depression. In fact, for millions of Americans, depression and alcohol go hand-in-hand. If you are struggling with both depression and addiction, this article is for you. We’ll go over how these two mental health disorders exacerbate each other…

man sitting on bed rubbing face irritated by Alcohol Dependency

How Does Alcohol Dependency Lead to Addiction?

Alcohol dependency can become a problem well before someone recognizes it. Because alcohol is such an accepted part of many occasions, drinking too much is often seen as harmless. Many people unwind after a long day at work with a glass or two of wine. But what happens when that simple routine becomes an ingrained…

woman smiling in kitchen enjoying the benefits of detox

The Benefits of Detox

If you’ve struggled with drug or alcohol abuse, you might find yourself wondering when it will end. You may have tried to stop drinking or using drugs before, only to go right back to it after withdrawal symptoms or a stressful day. Or, your colleagues, friends, or family members may all encourage you to drink…

smiling group listening to presentation on va substance abuse programs

Are There Decent VA Substance Abuse Programs?

Sometimes it feels difficult to find a decent substance abuse program. However, Beaches Recovery offers veterans the resources they need to heal. We understand that veterans have unique needs. Often, the treatments veterans need are quite different from those of non-veterans. Fortunately, we can help identify what proper VA substance abuse programs need to offer.Has…

woman in therapy at dual diagnosis treatment atlanta ga

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Atlanta, GA

Do you struggle with mental health conditions and also have an addiction? This isn’t uncommon, but it does mean you may need more advanced care. At Beaches Recovery, our dual diagnosis treatment centers for residents in Atlanta provide you with the tools and resources you need to heal. When you enroll in our dual diagnosis…