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Alcohol and Anxiety Don’t Mix Well

Life presents many anxious situations and circumstances. How we deal with them varies considerably. Sometimes, we seek to avoid dealing with the difficulties we face in our lives. As a result, anxiety and alcohol use (and abuse) often go hand in hand.People may self-medicate by drinking to calm anxious feelings (or shut them out entirely).…

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Do 18-20-Year-Olds Use Drugs the Most? [Infographic]

Drug abuse is an issue across all age demographics, but there is no denying that it is 18-20-year-olds using drugs the most. Take a closer look at the drug abuse in this demographic and what that means for young adults today.18-20-Year-Olds Using Drugs the MostThe National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that 22.6 percent of…

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Strategies to Help With Harm Reduction

Over the years, there have been many failed and discarded policies when it comes to how to treat those who are suffering from addictions. In the past, a more brutal, less caring approach was the rule rather than the exception. Addicted individuals tended to be viewed as criminals… and weak-minded criminals at that. Law enforcement…

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Dangers of Pregnancy and Drug Abuse

It should come as no surprise to anyone that using or abusing drugs or alcohol during pregnancy can put you and your unborn child at risk. Clearly, pregnancy and drug use are a bad combination.Even legal substances like nicotine have the potential to impact your child’s health negatively. Drinking during pregnancy can place your child…

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Know The Signs Of Teen Drug Abuse

As we all know, the teen years are volatile, unpredictable, and confusing at times. Puberty and peer relationship pressures make it difficult to navigate this time of life. When you add the possibility of substance abuse and addiction, additional stress comes into play. Would you be able to pinpoint the signs of teen drug abuse?The…

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Individual Therapy For Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Once individuals recognize that they have an addiction, they need to understand that qualified professional help is available. Addiction treatment centers offer a variety of therapy options to help patients recover from drug and alcohol addiction. Part of that treatment involves individual therapy. Through the help of a certified drug and alcohol counselor, patients can…