man considers alcohol deaths per year

Alcohol Deaths Per Year

Most people know that drinking too much is bad for their health. However, because alcohol is so ingrained in our culture as part of social events, it can be a challenge for some to stave off binge drinking or habitual drinking. We can see from the number of alcohol deaths per year that there is…

an example of adderall

Is Adderall Addictive?

There are numerous medications people can take to address their physical health and mental health issues. However, some of these medications can be misused and abused, leading to a substance use disorder or addiction. One such drug is Adderall. This medication is used to increase focus and is a combination of the drugs amphetamine and…

man struggles with crack use

How to Recognize the Signs of Crack Use

Attempting to identify when someone you know is abusing controlled substances can be difficult. Often, individuals learn how to hide their drinking or curb the signs of crack use around friends, family, and even coworkers or peers. It’s important to learn how to recognize the signs of drug use, especially the signs of crack use…

woman learns about psychotherapy

What Is Psychotherapy

As many patients enter treatment, they may wonder what is psychotherapy and how can it help an addiction? Depending on the patient’s unique mental health history and addiction, psychotherapy can help in a variety of ways. Many of the top rehab centers offer psychotherapy and counseling options because these tools help support long-term recovery. Addiction…

an example of opiates

Explaining What Drugs are Opiates

In the United States, there is a massive opiate epidemic. It’s already taking the lives of thousands of people every year, and millions of people experience secondary effects. If you’re concerned about someone in your life who may have an addiction, you might ask, “What drugs are opiates?” Understanding what opiates are and how they…

man suffers with meth addiction

The Faces of Meth Addiction

Meth addiction can cause countless physical problems. While many are internal, others are visible for all to see. Seeing the faces of individuals ravaged by meth use can be daunting and disturbing. By understanding what causes the faces of meth, you can truly see the devastating effects of this drug. Beaches Recovery has vast experience…

man gets dual-diagnosis treatment

How Dual Diagnosis Helps Addiction Therapy

Mental health issues are one of the main causes of addiction. Similarly, many people who struggle with substance use disorder (an addiction to drugs or alcohol) relapse because of mental issues. It’s also quite common for individuals to turn to drugs or alcohol when they suffer from a mental health issue like anxiety or depression…

an example of MDMA

The Effects of MDMA

Ecstasy is the street name for the drug MDMA and is highly addictive. While this drug may be popular, the effects of MDMA can cause long-term health problems. Initially, users feel a sense of warmth and mental stimulation. As they come down from the drug, they may feel anxiety, depression, and other symptoms. At Beaches…

man takes part in CBT techniques

CBT Techniques that Help with Addiction

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a key component of many addiction treatment plans. CBT techniques are used to help identify self-defeating thoughts and change them. Many individuals with substance abuse disorders suffer from negative thoughts and destructive emotions. CBT is used to change harmful thought patterns so that the client can maintain their sobriety. At Beaches…

man wonders if heroin is a narcotic

Is Heroin a Narcotic?

Some people ask themselves, “Is heroin a narcotic?” They have good reason to ask when they think a loved one is struggling with heroin addiction. For some, this question may arise when their friends offer them the drug, and they don’t know what it is. Heroin is a very potent drug that can cause an…