woman enjoying equine therapy as one of the Types of Psychotherapy Used in Addiction Treatment

Types of Psychotherapy Used in Addiction Treatment

Once someone decides to get addiction treatment, there are many types of psychotherapy options counselors can use. Treating a psychological dependence on drugs and alcohol takes time. With the right detox and rehab program, clients can start their journey toward a healthier, happier life.Types of Psychotherapy Options at Treatment CentersThe most basic types of psychotherapy…

what is rehab counseling

What is Rehab Counseling?

Drug and alcohol addictions require professional assistance. Among the evidence-based techniques experts use are various therapeutic counseling approaches. So, what is rehab counseling? More importantly, how could it change your life?One-on-One Talk Therapy Offers a Chance for IntrospectionDuring rehab, you have the opportunity to participate in individual and group therapy. The latter helps you to…

opioid addiction statistics

What Do Opioid Addiction Statistics Mean?

As US President Donald Trump declares a national emergency related to the current opioid epidemic, let’s take a look at what the numbers have been telling us. Based on recently reported opioid addiction statistics, the country is indeed in the middle of a crisis. This issue didn’t just appear overnight, however, leaving us all to…

signs of valium abuse

What Are the Signs of Valium Abuse?

Given its properties as excellent anti-anxiety and antidepressant medication, Valium has long been a favorite drug with patients and doctors. It is a benzodiazepine. It acts to slow down brain activity. Unfortunately, users have a history of abusing this drug, as the effects are calming and who doesn’t want that? Further, given the drug’s reputation…

consequences of drug abuse

Severe Consequences of Drug Abuse

The disease of addiction causes numerous consequences. There are many different types of addiction. Each type poses its own risks and threats. But in general, there are some common physical, health, and social consequences of drug abuse.Physical Health Consequences of Drug AbuseProlonged substance abuse can cause severe organ damage. This includes damage to the heart,…

signs of alcohol withdrawal

Serious Signs of Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol withdrawal can be described as the mental and physical symptoms you experience when you stop after drinking alcohol heavily over a long period of time. Some alcohol withdrawal symptoms are mild while others can be quite serious. If you are only an occasional drinker, you may not experience signs of alcohol withdrawal if you…

better addiction care

Looking for Better Addiction Care?

America is in Need of Better Addiction CareThousands of Americans are in need of better addiction care after falling into relapse after failed rehab attempts. If your rehab efforts proved less than satisfactory, don’t give up hope for recovery. Quality and personalized treatment truly can help you get clean and teach you methods for maintaining…

opioid facts

5 Opioid Facts That Will Surprise You [Infographic]

There is no shortage of news coverage for the opioid crisis in America. While attention, press, and awareness is a good thing, there isn’t always an emphasis on the facts. These five opioid facts give you a realistic picture of the epidemic. Keep in mind that while the statistics seem dire, there are recovery and…

is alcoholism a disease

Is Alcoholism a Disease?

Is Alcoholism a Disease?You may have heard this before. This definition goes all the way back to the 1940s when an influential article was released by a German university.The article depicted a series of recognizable steps that those struggling with alcohol addiction went through. The series of steps were predictable and always the same, no…

heroin detox treatment

I Think My Daughter Needs Heroin Detox Treatment

If your loved one has a drug addiction, they may need professional treatment. Heroin detox treatment helps remove the physical dependency on heroin. Once the withdrawal symptoms end, your daughter can continue treatment with rehab.Is Heroin Detox Treatment Necessary?Over time, the human body develops a physical and mental dependency on drugs. The body becomes accustomed…