woman on couch with head in her hand from Side Effects of Xanax abuse

What are the Side Effects of Xanax Abuse?

Doctors often prescribe Xanax for patients with anxiety or panic disorders. For the most part, the prescription drug has proven to be very effective for these types of issues. However, Xanax has properties that make it very attractive to people who are looking for a high. One of the so-call desirable side effects of Xanax…

man sitting on floor with hands on his head struggling with suboxone withdrawal symptoms

Now What Do I Do About My Suboxone Withdrawal Symptoms?

When doctors prescribe one medication to treat an addiction to another substance, they try to strike a delicate balance. Unfortunately, a patient sometimes forms an addiction to the medicine prescribed to wean them off another substance. Suboxone is a medication that doctors prescribe during drug detox for heroin addiction. If those struggling with addiction abuse…

woman with arms outstretched after visiting women's alcohol addiction rehab atlanta ga

Women’s Alcohol Addiction Rehab Atlanta GA

For many women, alcohol addiction goes unnoticed. In fact, many people associate alcohol addiction with men, which can be a dangerous and deadly mistake. Treatment for women is available and wildly helpful at the alcohol rehab center in Atlanta, GA. If you are looking for women’s alcohol addiction rehab in Atlanta, GA, you have options.Understanding…

a group therapy offering help with addiction

Many Are Willing to Lend a Hand to Help with Addiction

Addiction can be a lonely experience. But you’re not the only person who suffers. Addiction to alcohol or drugs often affects the whole family. Your substance abuse problems likely led to negative behaviors such as lying, missing important family moments and possibly even stealing from those you love. However, you may be surprised to find…

teen drug and alcohol addiction happening as adolescents drink and smoke

Teen Drug and Alcohol Addiction: Five Reasons of Addiction

The Top Five Reasons for Teen Drug and Alcohol AddictionTeen drug and alcohol addiction is a parent’s worst fear. According to the CDC, by 12th-grade two-thirds of students have tried alcohol and 2 in 10 high school seniors report prescription drug abuse. What leads our children to teen drug and alcohol addiction?If your teen struggles…

senior veteran saluting american flag struggling with substance abuse in veterans

Substance Abuse in Veterans: The Link Between Veterans with PTSD

The Link of Substance Abuse in VeteransVeterans cope and self-medicate post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with drugs and alcohol. This use quickly turns into substance abuse in veterans requiring specialized substance use disorder treatment for a complete recovery. Dual diagnosis treatment in Jacksonville addresses mental health and substance use disorders together for lasting recovery in our…

woman putting up a hand for preventing drug and alcohol addiction

Preventing Drug and Alcohol Addiction Before it Starts

5 Ways of Preventing Drug and Alcohol Addiction1. Cope with stress in healthy waysMany people begin using drugs and alcohol as a way to cope with the daily stresses of life. This temporary fix leads users down a dangerous road of constantly needing more to soothe their pain, stress, and tension. Implementing alternative coping methods…