pills spilling out of bottle next to glass of alcohol posing the question of how to talk to your kids about kids drug and alcohol abuse

How To Talk To Your Kids About Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Opening the Lines of Communication About Drug and Alcohol Abuse Drugs and alcohol don’t discriminate against age. School children and teenagers alike are exposed to drugs and alcohol through school, parties, sports teams, etc. Parents have the opportunity to open the lines of communication about drug and alcohol abuse and encourage their kids to abstain…

a woman in bed wondering can you die from cocaine withdrawal

Can You Die From Cocaine Withdrawal?

If you or someone you love is struggling through the pains of cocaine withdrawal, it’s normal to wonder, “Can cocaine withdrawal kill you?” If you’re struggling through the sweating, intense cravings associated with cocaine withdrawal, you’re not alone. In the worst of withdrawals, you may even become suicidal or have other thoughts of harming yourself. This…

women showing the benefits of gender specific therapy

Benefits of Gender-Specific Therapy In Addiction Treatment

If you’re struggling with substance or alcohol abuse, you know that there are many different treatment options available. It can be hard to decide what type of treatment makes the most sense for your needs. Gender-specific therapy can be hugely beneficial, especially in the early periods of recovery. Whether you’re looking for a men’s or…

a plant representing the 5 most common hallucinogens

The 5 Most Common Hallucinogens and Their Dangerous Effects

Hallucinogens are often not as discussed as other drugs. However, they may be just as dangerous in many ways. As a result, you must understand the 5 most common hallucinogens. You must also know the effects that they have on the body and the mind. Thankfully addiction treatment programs in Jacksonville, FL, can help you. They…