businessman drinking scotch at work needing executive alcohol rehabilitation

How Can Executive Alcohol Rehabilitation Help My Husband or Wife?

Alcoholism is a disease that doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t matter what age, gender or religious background you are. It also doesn’t matter what type of position you have in the business world. Alcoholism is a cunning, baffling and powerful disease, and it can happen to people who are blue-collar workers as well as those who…

prescription painkiller bottles and pills to make you question the symptoms of painkiller addiction

What are the Symptoms of Painkiller Addiction?

Many Americans depend on prescription painkillers to relieve discomfort from injuries, surgery, and chronic conditions. However, 52 million people in the US admit to non-medical painkiller use. Painkiller addiction isn’t always as apparent as other forms of drug abuse, but there are clear symptoms of painkiller addiction. If a friend or family member starts showing…

doctor touching pressure points on patients arms at the holistic treatment center in florida

What is a Holistic Treatment Center for Addiction?

Addiction is a pervasive disorder that impacts every facet of life. It’s a disease that causes physical, emotional, mental, and social imbalances. Unfortunately, many rehab programs only focus on physical detox and short-term counseling that may not address the mental needs of patients. Holistic treatment center programs are a more well-rounded, successful alternative for overcoming…

man putting a hand up to say no to suggested glass of alcohol after treatment at the alcohol rehabilitation center in florida

What is an Inpatient Alcohol Rehabilitation Center?

Alcohol addiction has been a problem plaguing mankind for thousands of years. It wasn’t until recently, though, that medical science began to find some potential solutions for those who suffer from this potentially fatal illness. It’s difficult for individuals to self-diagnose themselves as alcoholics. However, once they admit to the fact that they can no…