Physical Signs of Alcoholism Infographic

Physical Signs of Alcoholism [Infographic]

Spotting alcoholism isn’t always easy to do. Since alcohol is consumed by more than 80 percent of all adults, it is difficult to see where recreational consumption ends and addiction begins. While there are plenty of signs, the physical signs of alcoholism can be the most obvious. Here are the five things to look for.Alterations in…

woman smiling at sunset outside the Rehab Center in Jacksonville

A Great Rehab Center in Jacksonville

When it comes to drug rehab, an ordinary facility simply will not do. To successfully conquer a substance abuse problem, individuals need quality and compassionate care that only the best centers can provide. Addiction is a complicated disease, but experienced drug addiction programs can help lead individuals toward total and lasting recovery. If you are…

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Good Recovery at Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

At the best substance abuse treatment centers, patients receive individualized care for their addiction. Many patients with an addiction have a co-occurring disorder like depression. To treat the addiction, the rehab center looks at the patient holistically for a more successful recovery.What Can Patients Expect at Substance Abuse Treatment Centers?There are many different kinds of…

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Alcohol Addiction Responds to Alcohol Treatment Programs

Millions of Americans have struggled to control their drinking. When someone suffers from alcoholism, they can get help through alcohol treatment programs. An addiction is a complex mental illness, but it is possible to treat and manage the problem.Alcohol Treatment Programs Help Treat AddictionsWhile an addiction can be challenging and traumatic to deal with, help…

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5 Heroin Facts That Will Make You Seek Addiction Help

Knowing heroin facts can be an important tool for getting help for yourself or a loved one. With the rise of heroin-related overdose deaths, it’s also important to know the facts about a heroin overdose and what it looks like. A person’s recovery from a heroin overdose depends greatly on how quickly they get medical…

Distressed man

I Wish I Had Recognized the Signs of Alcoholism!

Do you suspect that your wife’s behavior is showing signs of alcoholism? It’s a misconception that those struggling with an alcohol use disorder leave a path of empty bottles in their wakes. Instead, they frequently hide their drinking and dispose of “evidence” before you can find it. However, there are other symptoms you can look…

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What’s the Hype about Opioid Dependence?

The news is full of stories related to opioid dependence. Officials call it an epidemic. But what hides behind the information you see? More importantly, how does it affect you?Alarming Opioid Dependence Statistics Point to a Growing ProblemWhen talking about opioids, commentators typically lump two distinct types of drugs into one topic: prescription painkillers and…

Smiling mother and daughter

How to Pick A Drug Addiction Treatment for Your Daughter

It doesn’t matter if she’s 18, 21, 31, or older, your daughter will always be your little girl. Although most grown children eventually handle their lives by themselves, there are times when you need to step in. Regardless of her age, your daughter will depend on you if she needs drug addiction treatment. Now, she…