Long term effects of alcohol infographic

Long Term Effects of Alcohol [Infographic]

The long term effects of alcohol consumption are very dangerous, and in some cases they can even be deadly. It is critical to fully understand how an alcohol addiction can impact the body and the mind, not to mention personal relationships and fulfillment. Explore the most worrying long term effects of alcohol, and help those…

Inforgraphic outlining heroin deaths per year

Deadly Heroin [Infographic]

Every year, thousands of Americans die from drug overdoses. While there are many drugs that can lead to fatalities, heroin deaths per year are among the most problematic. Take a closer look at just how many lives are lost each year as a result of heroin addiction and overdose.Heroin Overdose Fatalities SextupledIn a brief 13…

Frustrated man next to a bottle of alcohol

Passed Out Drunk Again

Are you one of the millions of Americans currently living with a drinking problem? Did you recently swear to quit drinking, only to find yourself passed out drunk again a few days later? If you find it difficult, maybe even impossible, to limit how much or how often you consume alcohol, it may be time…

Many prescription drug bottles and pills

What is Tramadol and Why It’s on the Controlled Substance List

You may know tramadol under its brand name, Ultram. Manufacturers also offer an extended release version, Ultram ER. When mixed with acetaminophen, which sells under the trade name Tylenol, the drug’s name changes to Ultracet. But what is tramadol, exactly?Opioid Painkiller or Serotonin Uptake Inhibitor? Both!Initially, the manufacturer believed that the substance had a lower…

Young woman placing a hand on her friend's shoulder to console her

Teen Drug Abuse Statistics are Scary

Are You a Teen or Young Adult Who Abuses Drugs or Alcohol?Underage drinking has long been considered a “normal” and expected activity. When it comes to teen drug abuse statistics, a great majority of people mistakenly believe alcohol to be less dangerous than other illicit drugs. What these people do not realize, however, is that…

Man sitting in living room playing acoustic guitar

What is Music Therapy and How Can it Help with Addiction Recovery?

Music therapy is a complementary addiction treatment used alongside other therapies such as individual and group rehab. The easiest way to understand what is music therapy is by reviewing the details of how it’s used to benefit people in recovery.What Is Music Therapy?Uses evidence-based music interventionsIs held in a clinical settingStrives to reach personalized goals made…

Man receiving acupuncture therapy

What Is Acupuncture and How Does it Fit A Holistic Therapy?

Holistic therapy is a method of curing ailments that embraces the whole person, not only just specific facets. This is crucial for recovery because addiction typically impacts every part of a person—body, mind, spirit and feelings. So, what is acupuncture?Also called complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), the holistic approach uses various therapies treating the total…

Millennials and Alcohol treatment gap

Millennials and Alcoholism [Infographic]

Millennials can be defined as those born between 1982 and 2002. These young adults are coming into maturity now, and many are beginning to establish themselves in new careers or are starting families. The issue of millennials and alcohol is a concern, just as it has been for generations in the past. Examining the state…

Woman receiving acupuncture on her face

How Does Acupuncture Work for Addiction Treatment?

AcupkWhen combating an addiction, patients are unlikely to ask a rehab center, “How does acupuncture work?” The answer to this question actually provides insight into the way modern treatment facilities can help end an addiction. For many decades, treatment centers were merely places where addicted individuals would dry out temporarily. Now, modern medicine offers effective…