Woman experiencing the stages of drug addiction

What Are the Stages of a Drug Addiction?

A substance use disorder isn’t something you planned on developing. However, you can’t say that you didn’t see it coming either. There are stages of drug addiction. In retrospect, they’re quite clear.Do you want to learn more about drug and alcohol addiction? If so, call us today at 866.605.0532.Trying Something NewMany don’t realize that the…

Several people discussing the question, "What is methamphetamine?"

What Is Methamphetamine? Understanding the Dangers of This Addictive Drug

Methamphetamines are highly addictive stimulant drugs. The street version, called meth or crystal meth, is made illegally in unsanitary underground labs. Cooked by individuals who have no formal pharmaceutical training and little knowledge of keeping labs sanitary, the meth produced is extremely dangerous. This type of meth uses dangerous compounds that can injure or kill…

A group of people discussing group therapy topics

Exploring Group Therapy Topics For Your Mental Health

If you are in need of professional treatment for addiction, you will likely enter a facility that offers group therapy. For some, the idea of group therapy can be frightening and daunting. However, group therapy topics are extremely useful. They aim to help you and your fellow group members explore your experiences with addiction and…

Two women discuss the merits of outpatient detox programs

The Benefits of An Outpatient Detox Program

It’s a great day when an addicted individual makes the decision to seek treatment. Admitting that there is a problem and recognizing the damage caused to friends and family and well as oneself is the hardest, but most important, step. It’s an indication they know something is wrong and want to find a way to…

Young woman coming to grips with the definition of sobriety

Understanding Sobriety and What It Means

The goal of all addiction recovery is sobriety. Yet this can look different for each person as every individual in recovery has to determine their own path towards healing. So what is the definition of sobriety? Many people think sobriety means total abstinence from using drugs or alcohol. Others believe in control and moderation. Because…

Young woman who seems to know the signs of being high

What Are The Signs Of Being High?

How to tell if someone is high can be very difficult for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes the signs of substance abuse are very subtle. Addiction is a progressive disease. If your child, spouse, or loved one is abusing substances, you want to be able to catch it as soon as possible. On the other…

Man looking in mirror and thinking about street names for drugs

Are There Street Names For Drugs?

Whatever they are called, illicit drugs are hazardous. Often, it is hard to know that a loved one is using drugs. That’s because the street names for drugs can be unusual and intentionally confusing. By recognizing the street names for various substances, you can better understand and treat drug use or addiction.Learn more about drug…

Man wondering, "What is a speedball?"

What Is Speedball Drug?

When people use and abuse drugs or alcohol, it’s often not just a single substance. Many who are addicted use a combination of drugs or alcohol to meet their needs in dependency and may require co-occuring disorder treatment. Addiction treatment professionals call this polysubstance abuse. Sometimes individuals will mix their substance of choice with another…

Woman wondering, "Am I dating a drug addict?"

Am I Dating a Drug Addict?

There is never a perfect relationship. Likewise, every relationship is different. What works for one couple may not work for the other. Some people can handle the struggles of mental health with their partners easier than others. Others may need help, especially when dating a drug addict. Drug addiction in a spouse or partner can…

Woman in EMDR Therapy

What Are the Benefits of EMDR Therapy?

Treatment such as EMDR therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy can help you recover and better control your symptoms. Treatments like EMDR therapy in Jacksonville FL are utilized for both mental health and substance abuse disorders and are safe and effective.When you struggle with substance abuse or mental health disorder, you can feel frustrated, angry and isolated. Sometimes,…