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6 Tips to Staying Sober

After you successfully finish a women’s alcohol rehab program in Florida, it’s time to go back home. Even though you feel proud of your accomplishment, it’s normal to feel anxious about staying sober. Relapse can happen, so take advantage of aftercare programs at your alcohol rehab in Florida. Life skills courses help you transition from…

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Helping Someone With Addiction

This article provides tips on how to get help for addiction for your loved ones. People begin to use drugs and alcohol due to curiosity, peer pressure, and to self-medicate. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to give up substances once a client has become addicted. Addiction treatment programs in Florida guide clients through the recovery…

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Is Alcohol Abuse Hurting Your Family?

Alcohol abuse affects every member of the family, not just the person with an alcohol abuse disorder. For family members, living in an uncertain environment with constant disruptions makes it difficult to live a normal life. Alcoholism strains relationships and impacts how children socialize, creating walls that sometimes take a lifetime to break down. Participating…

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Where to Get Support for Addiction Recovery

After getting addiction treatment in Florida, it’s important to build relationships to maintain your sobriety. Support for addiction recovery allows you to share your experience with others on the path to recovery. These groups cater to a diverse population of those recovering from substance abuse disorder. There are even specialized groups for those recovering from…

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Outpatient Care Center in Jacksonville, Florida

The importance of treatment is what drives top treatment centers like Beaches Recovery to develop multiple treatment options. The reality is that all addiction patients have unique circumstances. It’s not feasible that all of them can submit to a residential treatment program. An outpatient care center provides the best alternative for those who can’t or…


How Long Does Cocaine Withdrawal Last?

Cocaine is an illicit street drug. It’s has a reputation for being highly addictive. When folks with an addiction to any substance decide to stop using, their first concern usually goes toward withdrawal. The withdrawal symptoms from most drugs are physical, with some potential behavioral and psychological issues as well. Cocaine withdrawal’s characteristics are the…

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What is Chronic Relapse?

During recovery from addiction, relapse is always a risk. Relapse happens after you begin using and abusing drugs or alcohol after you have achieved short-term or long-term sobriety. Chronic relapse is also a potential complication during recovery. However, what is a chronic relapse?During recovery, nearly half of people experience a relapse. Relapses can vary in…