holistic addiction recovery options

Holistic Addiction Recovery Options

Many different strategies can be used to treat an addiction. Non-medicinal methods that seek to treat the whole person instead of just the disease are known as holistic therapies. Examining your holistic addiction recovery options can reveal just how many therapies there are that can make a difference in the journey to sobriety.Nutrition TherapyWhen it…

accredited alcohol rehabs in Florida may help

Accredited Alcohol Rehabs in Florida

12When you suffer alcohol dependence, your life caves in all around you. In this chaos and mess, you struggle to find a pathway out of your problems. Accredited alcohol rehabs in Florida offer a quality of care you need for lasting recovery. You can turn your life around, with the right rehab program.How Accredited Alcohol…

movies about drug addiction recovery

Movies About Drug Addiction Recovery

Drug abuse is a hot topic at the box office. Actually, it has been for decades. There are plenty of movies about drug addiction recovery that paint accurate portraits of the disease. How accurate are they about what happens in rehab?Understanding that Addiction’s a DiseaseFor a long time, people didn’t believe that addiction could be…

what are designer drugs

What are Designer Drugs?

As if narcotics and prescription medications aren’t dangerous enough, there’s always a flow of new drugs hitting the streets. Experts call many of these substances “designer” drugs. It’s gotten to the point where Americans are seldom shocked to hear about a new street drug that’s leaving victims in its path. So, what are designer drugs?What…

court ordered drug addiction programs

Court Ordered Drug Rehab Programs

Drugs and alcohol have negative impacts on different aspects of a person’s life. Connections with friends and family can break. They start having trouble at work. For some, crime enters their lifestyle. This makes them subject to court ordered drug rehab programs before their lives can return to normal.What are Court Ordered Drug Rehab Programs?Most…

National teen driver Safety Week

National Teen Driver Safety Week

Every year, we read stories about distraught parents who have lost their teenager because of a driving accident. It’s always a tragedy and sometimes avoidable. Yes, accidents happen. However, accidents that occur due to driving under the influence aren’t necessary. As a reminder of how important this issue has become, we, as a nation, annually…

drugged driving obvious

Are There Laws Against Drugged Driving

For many people facing uncontrolled substance abuse and addiction in their own lives, things quickly grow very complicated. Your substance abuse causes major financial, health and legal problems. For most people who suffer alcohol addiction, a DUI seems inevitable. But are there laws against drugged driving and do many people experience those as part of…

woman with eyes closed at the beach using techniques from Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Therapy

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Therapy

Mindfulness-based stress reduction therapy lets you recognize that you have a choice. You no longer feel like you’re the victim of circumstances. But why does this treatment work so well? How do Beaches Recovery experts integrate it into your personalized rehab?What is Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Therapy?This modality is a combination of guided breathing techniques and…

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Addiction Relapse Rates [Infographic]

Relapse is an ongoing risk. Anyone fighting back against drug addiction should recognize that risk and prepare for cravings and temptations. Through rehab, clients can learn how to stay sober no matter what the obstacle. Take a look at some of the most worrying addiction relapse rates and avoid being another statistic.Is Heroin the World’s…

Florida drug possession laws

Short List of Florida Drug Possession Law

People addicted to illicit drugs face significant legal jeopardy. Under the Florida Statutes Section 893.13, it’s illegal simply to hold certain amounts of controlled substances. In other words, getting caught by police will lead to drug court and possibly prison time. Therefore, learning the various Florida drug possession laws is vital to protect your freedom.…