man and a woman refuse alcohol

Best Tips to Stop Drinking Today

When you want to stop drinking alcohol, your best chance of success comes through seeking professional help. Alcohol abuse is a chronic, acute disease that alters brain chemistry. Therefore, willpower alone isn’t enough to overcome this disease. Also, painful and possibly life-threatening withdrawal symptoms could occur, making professional help necessary to stop drinking alcohol safely.…

rehab cost being discussed

How Much Does Rehab Cost and How Do I Pay For It?

When someone struggles with a drug or alcohol addiction, they need professional help to heal and overcome it. Addiction is a disease, and like any disease, requires support to recover. Unfortunately, there are numerous hurdles that keep people from reaching out to get the help they need. Some people don’t seek rehab treatment because they…

man looking out window needing drug addiction recovery

Recovery from Drug Addiction

When it comes to drug addiction recovery, one thing must be said–It’s not easy. This is not meant to be discouraging. It’s meant to encourage you to work through your discomfort and anxiety about recovery. It can take just a short amount of time to acquire an addiction to a substance. Unfortunately, reversing the effects…

person comforting to help an addict

You Want to Know How to Help an Addict

We always hear how concerned people are about their loved ones. When loved ones are struggling with substance use disorder or addiction, concern increases. Friends, family, and loved ones want to know how to help an addict. Unfortunately, most individuals know very little about addiction. If you’ve never walked a mile in those shoes, it’s…

furious man on couch needed anger management techniques

Drinking and Drugs Were My Anger Management Techniques

You’ve heard of the stereotypical angry drunk. Overdoing alcohol or drugs helps some people release the anger and frustration they build up inside. For others, unresolved anger problems lead to substance abuse because it helps them numb their feelings of sadness and frustration. As a result, effective rehab must provide anger management techniques for those…