woman backpacking during the stages of addiction recovery

Stages of Addiction Recovery

Like millions of others who are in need of professional rehab for a drug or alcohol addiction, you may be doubting if the process can work for you. After all, addiction is an individual disease that is experienced differently by everyone it touches. However, if the stages of addiction recovery are treated with an equally…

mother watching adult son drink wondering is alcoholism hereditary

Is Alcoholism Hereditary?

Many people wonder, “Is alcoholism hereditary?” Like many other health conditions, such as diabetes and depression, alcoholism does not have just one cause. Genes passed down from parents to children play a role, but this is only part of the story.If you’ve had a parent with alcohol use disorder and are exhibiting symptoms yourself, reach…

spouses turned away on the couch from substance abuse and marriage trouble

Substance Abuse and Marriage Trouble

Unfortunately, substance abuse and marriage trouble are often found together. After all, substance abuse doesn’t just impact a single person: It also impacts the people they are closest to. Understanding the scope of substance abuse and its influence on others may help some couples find help and treatment before they feel the need for divorce.…

man using syringe and spoon for heroin addiction in Jacksonville FL

Help for Heroin Addiction in Jacksonville

Consider three main factors when finding help for heroin addiction in Jacksonville, Florida. Accreditation, depth of knowledge, and the type of programs offered make your decision easier when you decide to seek treatment.Choosing a heroin addiction rehab center in Florida with nationally recognized dual diagnosis treatment programs, with recovery positioned in the ideal environment, may…