group hug during support groups

Support Groups

During the rehab process, patients receive much more than therapy and counseling. They learn a lot about addiction and what it takes to stay on the path of recovery. In many cases, they also learn the value of having one or more support groups. For many years now, counselors have placed a great deal of…

why is ambien dangerous

Why is Ambien Dangerous?

Millions of Americans have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep each night. And because getting a good night’s rest on a regular basis is essential for overall health and wellness, for many, this problem leads to taking sleeping pills. Why is Ambien dangerous?Sleeping pills can be prescribed by doctors to help individuals fall asleep…


What Valium Does to the Brain

Over the years, Valium has been a favorite prescription drug for people who need relief from anxiety. For all the good feelings it promotes, Valium also comes with a lot of negative side effects. Before you can fully understand how Valium works and how addiction begins, it would be useful to learn about what Valium…

what cocaine addiction is like

What Cocaine Addiction is Like

To truly understand the depths of a cocaine addiction, one must live through it. It’s hard to describe what cocaine addiction is like, but it’s worth a shot in the hope that someone will read it and be able to identify with the issue. If that ultimately leads them to get treatment for their addiction,…

roxanol abuse

What to Do About Roxanol Abuse or Addiction

Opiates come in a lot of forms, under a lot of brand names. Most people are familiar with names like morphine, codeine, Oxycontin, Percocet, and Valium. One name not familiar to a lot of people is Roxanol. The fact that doctors prescribe this drug for patients who are dealing with severe pain issues give it…

holistic healing

Rehabs That Offer Holistic Healing

In recent years, holistic healing in addiction recovery has become increasingly popular–and for good reason. A holistic method of recovery from alcohol or drug addiction helps to heal the mind, body, and spirit as opposed to simply focusing in on the addiction itself.In many cases, holistic care is an alternative to mainstream treatments, which can…

how to stop drug abuse

This is How to Stop Drug Abuse

Drug abuse has been a serious problem for decades now, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. All over the world, addicts are forcing society to deal with horrible issues created by their addictions to alcohol, prescription drugs, and street substances. The challenge for each and every one of us is to figure…

thc detox

Do I Need THC Detox?

The notion that you can’t become addicted to marijuana is a myth. The reality is people can become addicted to anything they take or do obsessively. That’s the nature of addiction. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the primary substance found in marijuana. It is addictive and when addiction forms, the individual needs treatment. Treatment could include a…

extended rehab care

Will I Need Extended Rehab Care?

Tragically, some people sell their soul to the devil in the form of a drug or alcohol. If that sounds like you, you have cause for great concern. However, there’s always a path to recovery if you are willing to admit you are helpless over your addiction and will subsequently reach out for help. Help…

therapist and young man engaging in alcohol abuse counseling

Why Would I Need Alcohol Abuse Counseling?

Alcoholics are notorious for using denial as a shield behind which they can hide. They don’t have a problem or they don’t need help is their favorite mantra. The problem with denial is it prevents people from getting the help they need. If this sounds at all familiar to you, you might want to contemplate…