woman holding her head and crying from symptoms of heroin addiction needing a heroin detox center in florida

What are the Symptoms Of Heroin Addiction?

Repeated use of heroin can cause changes in the physiology of the user’s body. That is why people who are addicted may experience a variety of symptoms of heroin addiction. Some signs of heroin addiction include skin infections, constipation, nausea, vomiting, and itching.Symptoms of Heroin AddictionAfter a rush or feeling of euphoria, those using heroin…

man refusing alcoholic drink after successful alcohol addiction detox treatment in florida

What is Alcohol Addiction Detox?

Alcoholism is a serious mental illness characterized by a recurring, destructive pattern of drinking and withdrawal. According to the NIH, 16.6 million adults in the United States have some form of alcohol use disorder (AUD). Successfully breaking the cycle of alcohol dependence is virtually impossible without going through detox. Alcohol addiction detox is the first…

man leaving an alcohol treatment facility in florida for sober living housing

What is an Alcohol Treatment Facility?

Alcohol addiction is a progressive disease, meaning there are different stages in which addicts find themselves. Some people are in the beginning stages of their alcohol addiction and require one level of care while others have more severe forms, so they need a more intensive alcohol treatment facility. Those who are thinking about going to…

doctor discussing the benefits of inpatient drug detox with woman

What are the Benefits of an Inpatient Drug Detox?

Drug addiction requiring inpatient drug detox can happen to anyone. Addiction is a disease that leads to compulsive substance abuse by disrupting how the nerve cells in the brain work. Stimulants such as methamphetamine and cocaine cause nerve cells to release an excessive amount of dopamine. This reaction overstimulates the brain’s reward system. Over time,…

family shying away from man pouring another shot of whiskey showing the need for alcohol addiction treatment in florida

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcoholics often think that they can have one drink and then stop. But then one turns into two. Then another. And another. Once again, they’re drunk. One doesn’t easily stop drinking without alcohol addiction treatment.Struggling with Alcohol AddictionIf this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Alcohol is everywhere. It is always accessible—part of gatherings, social events,…

opiate pills and syringe displaying a need for opiate addiction rehab treatment centers in florida

What is Opiate Addiction Rehab Treatment?

Besides the horrific, negative consequences that addicts face as a consequence of their addiction, drug abuse also adversely affects society-at-large in many ways. A recently published National Institute for Health report estimated that substance abuse extracts an economic toll of $600 billion per year in the U.S. alone. Playing a part in the resurgence of…

pills spilling out of bottle next to glass of alcohol posing the question of how to talk to your kids about kids drug and alcohol abuse

How To Talk To Your Kids About Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Opening the Lines of Communication About Drug and Alcohol AbuseDrugs and alcohol don’t discriminate against age. School children and teenagers alike are exposed to drugs and alcohol through school, parties, sports teams, etc. Parents have the opportunity to open the lines of communication about drug and alcohol abuse and encourage their kids to abstain from…

man curled up sitting on floor wondering about the common risk factors for addiction

What Are Some Common Risk Factors for Addiction?

Drug use may start casually, however, it can turn into addiction very quickly. Abusing drugs often alters relationships, personal endeavors, goals, work, hobbies, and more. Knowing the risk factors for addiction can allow you to take precautions when abstaining or using drugs properly. Take a look at the list of symptoms and risk factors for…