man pinching his nose wondering What Is Drug Abuse

What Is Drug Abuse?

Often, it is hard to define the differences between drug use, drug abuse, and drug addiction. Some argue that the three are incredibly similar and often overlapping, but there are specific distinctions that should be noted. Asking what is drug abuse can help answer important questions about use, addiction, and substance abuse treatment.What is Drug…

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How to Overcome Addiction

Learning how to overcome addiction is not easy, but it can be done. Many people develop an addiction after casual drinking turns to abuse, recreational drug use, or long-term prescription misuse. Over time, recreational use transforms into an addiction. Once the individual realizes that they have a problem, help is available at addiction treatment centers…

a woman drunk in need of alcohol rehab centers in Florida

How Can Alcohol Rehab Centers in Florida Help Me With Addiction?

For the last few years, the rate of drug-induced deaths in Florida has risen to higher than the national average. As the drug epidemic continues to sweep the nation, approximately 8 percent of Florida residents have abused illicit substances over the course of the last year. In an effort to combat these rising numbers, alcohol…

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Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program Near Orlando, FL

Overcoming alcohol addiction is an ongoing process that takes a lot of professional care and peer support. Finding the best alcohol addiction treatment program near Orlando, FL makes all the difference to your sobriety.A lasting recovery from alcohol abuse or addiction requires a variety of program options, different levels of care, and in some cases…

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Steps to Find the Best Rehab For You

When you’re searching for the best rehab for your personal needs, you likely want to find a program that provides quality and the best potential for long-term recovery. But what should you look for when considering different alcohol or drug addiction treatment centers? How can you find the best rehab for your fresh start in…

man and women going to counseling for Opioid Treatment

4 Things to Remember When Entering an Opioid Treatment Program

Most patients entering an opioid treatment program are anxious to experience a successful recovery. However, not all individuals will be successful at the first attempt. Keep in mind that recovery is possible when patients commit to using the effective treatments, therapies, and tools provided to them.Don’t Let Your Addiction Control the Outcome of Your Opioid…