suboxone vs methadone

Is There a Difference Between Suboxone vs Methadone?

Do you know the difference between Suboxone vs Methadone? Both drugs are pharmaceuticals that aim to treat opiate addictions. Primarily, these drugs can help individuals stop abusing harder drugs like OxyContin and heroin. Suboxone vs Methadone–What’s the Difference? In some situations, the addiction to opioid drugs is so strong that non-pharmaceutical treatment doesn’t work. In…

dangers of self medicating

The Dangers of Self Medicating for Mental Health Problems

With so many Americans struggling with mental health problems today, many are self-medicating to deal with their issues. But the dangers of self medicating are harmful and can even be life-threatening. What Does “Self Medicating” Mean? Self medication refers to using mind-altering substances to fix or improve an emotional or mental health issue. For example,…