is drug addiction a choice

Is Drug Addiction a Choice?

Many people today debate whether people choose to suffer addiction or if this condition is a legitimate disease. So is drug addiction a choice? Or does modern science prove disease causes addiction?Past Beliefs about AddictionIn the past, Americans and people throughout the world believed addiction was a choice. That is, you choose to push your…

Florida pill mills

Can We Shut Down Florida Pill Mills?

Many people suffer opioid addiction in the United States today. Among these people, residents of Florida suffer their fair share of deadly overdoses and addictions. So many people wonder if Florida pill mills can be shut down.Shutting Down Florida Pill MillsAnswering that question about Florida pill mills comes easily if you consider the past several…

best drug addiction programs for young adults

Drug Addiction Programs for Young Adults

A lot of young adults struggle with addiction across the United States. Among those between 18 and 30 years old, the rate of drug addiction has increased for several decades. In response, the number of drug addiction programs for young adults has grown too. These programs address young adult behavioral, emotional, and physical problems and…

talking to teens about drugs

Make Sure You’re Talking to Teens about Drugs

For some inexplicable reason, we are always looking at drug addiction, wondering why we can’t solve these problems. There’s plenty of information about the dangers of addiction out in the public domain. The problem is people just refuse to read what’s available. Knowing that approach doesn’t work, we should consider a strategy that has shown…

Florida drug addiction statistics infographic

Florida Drug Addiction Statistics [Infographic]

Florida is home to amusement parks, incredible weather, and gorgeous beaches. However, it’s not all paradise in the Sunshine State. Drug addiction is a big concern, and taking a closer look at Florida drug addiction statistics can reveal why.Opioid Overdose Fatalities in FloridaIn 2016 alone, there were more than 2,700 overdose deaths attributed to opioid…

opioid addiction recovery

What You Need to Know About Opioid Addiction Recovery

Opioids. It’s hard to deny that opioids are dominating the news for all the wrong reasons. We are hearing a great deal about epidemic levels of heroin and pain pill addiction throughout the country. At this point, we should all show concern about any substances that are killing people. With that said, we can all…

non 12 step drug and alcohol treatment centers in Florida

Non 12 Step Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers

The 12 Steps are a program that many drug rehab centers have modified to treat more than alcohol addiction. This classic model has helped millions of people overcome addictions of all kinds. However, a 12 step recovery program doesn’t work for everyone. For that reason, some people have more success at non 12 step drug…

stages of alcohol detox

Are There Stages of Alcohol Detox?

Alcoholism is the horrible gift that just keeps on giving. People with a drinking problem often find themselves dealing with a myriad of personal problems–problems with relationships, work, illegal activities, and even significant health problems. Ironically, even the process of quitting is fraught with issues. Ultimately, the alcoholic has to decide whether to quit or…

heroin triangle in Georgia

Georgia’s Heroin Triangle

It’s entirely possible Americans have not yet grasped the magnitude of the heroin addiction problem that’s plaguing America. When you start hearing strange terms like the “heroin triangle,” you have to be at least a little curious. It’s noteworthy that both former President Barack Obama and current President Donald Trump have sounded the alarm. The…

man and wife holding hands in Couples Addiction Therapy

Couples Addiction Therapy

Alcohol and drug addictions can severely damage the foundations of relationships. Spouses with substance use disorder usually hurt their partners the most. However, couples addiction therapy can help both parties overcome this family disease and mend their relationship. Therapists can even use different techniques depending on each couple’s needs.How Addiction Affects RelationshipsAddiction has a wide-reaching…