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Meet Sandi – An exceptional part of our Beaches staff!

We’ve decided to start highlighting some of our employees and Alumni each month because we think they are exceptional human beings. They go above and beyond in the community and at home to represent the Beaches Recovery and Tides Edge team. We’re so proud to call them a part of our Beaches family, bringing hope…

a person celebrating finding the best alcohol rehab centers near them

Key Features of the Best Alcohol Rehab Centers

Addiction is an illness chronic in nature, leaving individuals inherently prone to relapse. Fighting addiction is often a lifelong process that needs to be constantly modified to remain successful. Unlike other forms of addiction, alcoholism is one of the hardest illnesses to effectively treat because of the pervasive status alcohol has throughout our society. The…

a man getting help at one of the best heroin rehabs

What are the Characteristics of the Best Heroin Rehabs?

Approximately 23% of people who use heroin become addicted, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Unfortunately, it’s extremely difficult to overcome this drug dependence. Heroin addiction is a multi-faceted problem affecting every aspect of an individual: body, mind and spirit. To fully recover and have a good chance of lifelong sobriety, all areas…

outside rehab facilities in Florida with beach paths and people biking

Can Rehab Facilities in Florida Help Me with Addiction?

Throughout the country, many people struggle to understand addiction and the usefulness of drug rehab facilities. In recent years, more than 8% of Florida residents have been cited as struggling with abuse of illicit substances. Rehab facilities in Florida are designing treatment programs that can drastically help to reduce the overall drug epidemic sweeping through…

Florida alcohol rehab palm tree lined road

Can Florida Alcohol Rehab Centers Help My Drinking Problem?

Alcoholism is a powerful mental illness, and it’s one that makes you think that nothing is wrong. For most of the world’s population, alcohol is there to unwind after a long day, or it’s used as a social lubricant when going out with friends, families or coworkers. For those who suffer from the disease of…

drug treatment centers in Florida with beach and city landscape

Can Drug Treatment Centers in Florida Help Me with Addiction?

Drug treatment’s primary goal is to help individuals struggling with addiction to find relief from the symptoms of their chronic illness. In recent years, the percentage of people struggling with abuse of illicit substances has risen to above 8%, bringing the annual number of drug-related deaths to a level that is above the national average.…

florida drug and alcohol rehab view of the beach

Are Florida Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs Right for Me?

There’s a lot to take into consideration when you’re getting ready to go into an addiction treatment program. There are rehab facilities all over the country, and you most likely have at least one in your home town. What many people fail to realize about their addiction is that people, places and things are the…