woman smiling because she knows what is smart recovery

What Is Smart Recovery?

If you have ever been in a drug or alcohol recovery program, you will likely have heard of AA (alcoholics anonymous) or NA (narcotics anonymous), but you may have never heard of SMART Recovery. What is SMART Recovery? SMART is an acronym that stands for self-management and recovery training. It is a peer-supported technique that…

young woman wonders is addiction genetic

Is Addiction Genetic?

Wondering if addiction genetic is normal in this day and age. Genes are solely responsible for many outcomes like if you have cystic fibrosis, you have a gene mutation that gives you the disease. Addiction is a bit more complicated, and it involves genes that control the reward system and a person’s ability to understand…

some of the most addictive drugs

Most Addictive Drugs

Have you ever wondered what the most addictive drugs are? What classifies drugs as being the most addictive? It comes down to the amount that the drug activates the brains dopamine or reward system. When it comes to addiction, the drug plays a significant role, and the patient’s susceptibility to becoming addicted also plays a…

A group of people discussing the question, "What is rehab like?"

What Is Rehab Like?

If you have never attended rehab before you may understandably worry about what it is like. It’s difficult enough to recover from drug and alcohol abuse as a young person, and adding an unfamiliar environment to the mix can sometimes be a cause for anxiety. With this in mind, today we are taking the opportunity…

Why do teens drink?

Why Do Teens Drink?

There isn’t enough conversation around teenage drinking and the serious effect that it can have. Parents often don’t know how to engage with their children over the realities around alcohol use. This can lead to a form of silent assent where both parties are happy to not discuss it until the problem grows out of…

woman is trying to quit heroin cold turkey.

Quitting Heroin Cold Turkey

If you are suffering from an addiction to heroin you may have asked yourself this question: can I quit heroin cold turkey? There may even be people in your life who have encouraged this course of action, but you should think twice. There are many reasons why it is a terrible idea to quit heroin…

woman reaching for pills suffers from anxiety and addiction

Anxiety and Addiction

Nearly half of all people dealing with a substance abuse problem also have a mental health disorder. Since both mental health and substance abuse disorders impact your brain chemistry, specifically how much neurotransmitters your brain releases, having co-occurring disorders can make recovery more difficult. Anxiety and addiction impact several million Americans each year. Treatment from…

group of people sitting in aa meetings

AA Meetings

AA meetings are an integral part of many people’s recovery process. While there is no one right way for any person to recover, the 12 steps of AA can be a great source of support, networking, and a way to find great new sober friends. There are AA meetings all over the world and online that can…