stages of alcohol detox

Are There Stages of Alcohol Detox?

Alcoholism is the horrible gift that just keeps on giving. People with a drinking problem often find themselves dealing with a myriad of personal problems–problems with relationships, work, illegal activities, and even significant health problems. Ironically, even the process of quitting is fraught with issues. Ultimately, the alcoholic has to decide whether to quit or…

heroin triangle in Georgia

Georgia’s Heroin Triangle

It’s entirely possible Americans have not yet grasped the magnitude of the heroin addiction problem that’s plaguing America. When you start hearing strange terms like the “heroin triangle,” you have to be at least a little curious. It’s noteworthy that both former President Barack Obama and current President Donald Trump have sounded the alarm. The…

man and wife holding hands in Couples Addiction Therapy

Couples Addiction Therapy

Alcohol and drug addictions can severely damage the foundations of relationships. Spouses with substance use disorder usually hurt their partners the most. However, couples addiction therapy can help both parties overcome this family disease and mend their relationship. Therapists can even use different techniques depending on each couple’s needs.How Addiction Affects RelationshipsAddiction has a wide-reaching…

divorce and addiction

Dealing With Divorce and Addiction

Some people don’t realize that the bride or groom has a substance use disorder. In other cases, addiction can develop after marriage. No matter how it happens, it can quickly lead to divorce. However, how do people cope through divorce and addiction?How Addiction Affects MarriagesMany experts refer to substance use disorder as a family disease…

how to deal with anxiety

How to Deal With Anxiety Without Addictive Drugs

Everyone faces anxiety at some point in life. Work, school, relationships, and finances are all causes of concern. It often triggers feelings of worry, hesitation, and fear. However, knowing how to deal with anxiety could mean the difference between developing an addiction or not.Tips for How to Deal With AnxietyAnxiety doesn’t have to overwhelm you…

help for parents of drug addicts

There is Help for Parents of Drug Addicts

We can usually feel and even see the effects of drugs on the user. However, there’s a whole other group of people who also suffer the consequences of addiction. That group includes family members, co-workers, and friends. We often refer to what happens to these people as collateral damage. When things get too rough, family…

miami drug rehab centers

Pros and Cons of Miami Drug Rehab Centers

To overcome a drug addiction, rehab is the right answer. While there are plenty of rehab choices out there, Miami drug rehab centers are often popular. Of course, there are both pros and cons to beginning rehab in Miami. Take a look at the advantages and the drawbacks before selecting the right rehab program for…

drinking alcohol in early pregnancy

Is Drinking Alcohol in Early Pregnancy Okay?

Pregnancy is a time of new life, but it can also be a time of confusion and struggle for some expectant mothers. In particular, some women want to know–is drinking alcohol in early pregnancy okay? This question often arises for women who struggle with alcohol addiction and don’t know how to get help. Find out…

most dangerous party drugs

What Are the Most Dangerous Party Drugs?

Party drugs are stimulant drugs that are usually consumed recreationally. Also known as club drugs, party drugs are often found at raves and concerts. They tend to be used as a way to increase energy and decrease tiredness at late-night parties. Take a look at the most dangerous party drugs and why they pose a…