tired worker is a functioning alcoholic

Why Does a Functioning Alcoholic Need Treatment?

While a functioning alcoholic may feel like their addiction is not a problem, they often are unaware of how alcohol affects their life. From long-term health problems to issues at home, alcoholism can cause severe repercussions in an individual’s life. The only way to prevent these problems from happening is to get treatment and stay…

man out exercising after drug detox

Drug Detox is the First Step to Recovery

Drug or alcohol abuse can easily lead to dependency or addiction as the substances cause drastic changes in an individual’s brain chemistry. This is how the disease of addiction takes hold. Once someone realizes that they have an addiction and need help, one of their first questions is ‘what is detox?’ This type of treatment…

man wondering about cognitive behavioral therapy

What Is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and How It’s Used in Addiction Treatment

Treating addiction requires the use of multiple types of therapy. Because no two individuals have the same addiction experience, no two individuals will have the same needs in recovery. Therefore, it’s necessary for addiction treatment programs to offer a wide range of therapies to meet the needs of patients. At Beaches Recovery, we understand the…

person with hood up and hands over face dealing with most addictive substances

What Are The 5 Most Addictive Substances in US? [Infographic]

Addiction is an illness. Like any disease, addiction is complex. It has multiple aspects. For example, it is possible to be addicted to behaviors like exercise or even eating foods with a lot of sugar. These represent the mental or emotional aspects of addiction. Yet, when many of us consider addiction, we tend to mean…

person sitting on window sill thinking about mental health and substance abuse

The Link Between Mental Health and Substance Abuse is Strong

Treating substance abuse is a difficult task because mental health issues typically accompany it. Mental health and substance abuse affect each other in several ways. In the field of addiction, experts call this dual diagnosis. At Beaches Recovery, we understand the unique connection between mental health and substance abuse. Often, individuals begin abusing drugs or…

hands holding hands for mental wellness month

Mental Wellness Month

Addiction is a complicated disease. It affects many aspects of life for both the addict and the loved ones around them. While drug addiction takes us all into a negative environment, there are still active groups trying to keep things positive. As such, the International Association of Insurance Professionals (IAIP) offers up a full calendar…