man learns about how his family can help and hurt sobriety

How Family Can Help and Hurt Sobriety

Addiction is a disease that doesn’t just affect the individual alone. It radiates outward, touching the lives of friends, coworkers, peers, and, often, family. For many people, family members receive the brunt of the impact from someone struggling with drug or alcohol abuse. Addiction can cause serious strain on relationships, damaging them when they are…

woman talks to her teen about smoking weed

Why Kids Smoking Weed Is a Big Problem

With many states legalizing recreational marijuana, it can seem like kids smoking weed is a non-issue. In reality, marijuana serves as a gateway drug to more addictive, more harmful substances. In addition, kids smoking weed can lead to problems with the way that their brain develops. The human mind doesn’t stop forming until the mid-20s,…

man wonders how addictive antidepressants are

How Addictive are Antidepressants?

If you’ve ever spent time asking yourself, “Are antidepressants addictive?” then you may have found that it’s difficult to come to a firm answer. While not truly addictive in the traditional sense, antidepressants are routinely abused like other substances. Addiction is a disease that can take hold of an individual in several ways. Although many…

Oxycontin pills that lead to addiction

What is OxyContin and How is it Abused?

Have you become addicted to OxyContin prescription pills? Did your habit begin as experimental drug use before exploding into a pattern of abuse that you cannot control? You already know the answer to, “What is OxyContin?”, but what about, “how can I stop abusing OxyContin?”The answer is simple: An opiate addiction treatment center can help…

man and a woman refuse alcohol

Best Tips to Stop Drinking Today

When you want to stop drinking alcohol, your best chance of success comes through seeking professional help. Alcohol abuse is a chronic, acute disease that alters brain chemistry. Therefore, willpower alone isn’t enough to overcome this disease. Also, painful and possibly life-threatening withdrawal symptoms could occur, making professional help necessary to stop drinking alcohol safely.…