national impaired driving prevention month

National Impaired Driving Prevention Month

Impaired driving has long been a big problem in America. No matter what laws are on the books, millions of people every year ignore them and get behind the wheel either drunk or high. The end result of this drinking problem is thousands of innocent bystanders losing their lives each year in auto accidents. National…

first night 2018

Look for First Night Activities in Your Town

One of your biggest fears in gaining sobriety is maintaining healthy recovery, even during the holidays. But the good news is your local area offers sober living celebration options for enjoying major holidays such as New Year’s Eve. You can enjoy New Year’s Eve or First Night celebrations in a new life of sobriety, even…

sober new years even ideas

Sober New Years Eve Ideas

In the past, you watched the ball drop with a drink in your hand. This year’s going to be different. Because you’ve decided to make a lifestyle change, you need sober New Years Eve ideas. Here’s how to make it through a day which traditionally involves alcohol, without drinking.Gauge Your Readiness to be around AlcoholDid…

woman gesturing during Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing

A lot of people view alcohol and drug treatment as hopeless, especially if they have an addiction. Most of the time, they aren’t ready to stop using or don’t think that sobriety is achievable. Even if they recognize that they have a substance use disorder, several factors keep them from changing. The purpose of motivational…

mixing benzos and alcohol

The Danger of Mixing Benzos and Alcohol

Benzodiazepines, or benzos, are strong tranquilizers designed to calm the central nervous system. Namely, they’re anti-anxiety medications like Xanax, Valium, Ativan, and Halcion. Thus, benzos are popular to soothe stress and also, off-label, to experience surges of pleasure. In fact, National Public Radio reported that benzo prescriptions have risen by 5.4 million since 1999. Unfortunately,…

types of mood disorders

Looking at the Types of Mood Disorders

While everyone feels sad sometimes, if you find yourself struggling with extended periods of sadness, irritability or depression, you might be suffering from one of the types of mood disorders. This might have developed as a result of your abuse of drugs or alcohol. Or, you might have started abusing substances as a way to…

mindfulness quotes bring peace

5 Mindfulness Quotes that Create Peace During Addiction Recovery

As many folks soon learn, there’s a great sense of relief when an individual successfully completes an addiction treatment program. As they head out the door of rehab, they hopefully leave with the coping skills for recovery and to avoid relapses. Mindfulness is a great coping skill. For a recovering addict, it makes sense to…

what to expect during detox

What to Expect During Detox

If you have made the decision to seek treatment to overcome your addiction, you might be concerned with what to expect during detox. Since detox is the first step towards recovery, you can read the frequently asked questions about drug detox. However, you might still have concerns or doubts about the process itself. When you…

painkiller withdrawal symptoms

The Most Common Painkiller Withdrawal Symptoms

The road to recovery from prescription pill addiction is a good place to be. The decision to stop using and get treatment takes a lot of courage. That’s particularly true for someone who has been caught in the cycle of addiction for months or even years. While contemplating what’s required to get clean from painkillers,…