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Timeline of an Opiate Addiction Rehab Near NC

While the number of Americans abusing opioids continues to rise, experts are becoming increasingly concerned about opiate-related overdoses. According to a study conducted by The Global Burden of Disease (GBD), 51,000 people died worldwide from a prescription-drug overdose in 2013 alone. That’s up almost 300% from the 18,000 that died in 1990. With that kind…

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Timeline of a Inpatient Drug Treatment Program Near Cary, NC

When someone struggles with drug or alcohol addiction, they need professional support to heal. Like any disease, addiction requires the help of experts so individuals can recover and avoid relapse. Perhaps the most complete form of treatment comes from entering inpatient drug rehab. Entering a treatment program like this gives individuals round-the-clock attention as they…

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Inpatient Drug Treatment Near SC Can Help With Your Addiction

There are several different treatment options available at drug rehab centers, and each one serves a different purpose. Those who go to outpatient drug rehab are often people who have transitioned from an inpatient drug treatment center or people with lesser forms of addiction. Sometimes it’s beneficial for a person to go to an outpatient…

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How Does Inpatient Drug Treatment in South Carolina Work?

It’s an extremely difficult decision to admit that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol and need the help of a professional addiction treatment center in FL. Most people don’t want to fully commit to their treatment. Therefore, they try an outpatient facility first without understanding why inpatient drug rehab is more beneficial. It’s…

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Speed Drug Addiction Treatment Near Charleston, SC

With so many drugs out there, it’s hard to keep them all straight. It’s even harder when people consider the fact that every drug has multiple street names. One such drug is methamphetamine, which is known to many people as speedballs. What is a speedball drug? And what are the side effects of taking it…

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Inpatient Vs. Outpatient Drug Treatment in NC. What’s the Difference?

Struggling with a substance use disorder is challenging. Many individuals don’t realize their condition is treatable. Addiction, like any disease, can be managed and overcome with the proper support. However, individuals and those who care about them need to be aware of their options. Once patients decide that it’s time to seek treatment, what’s the…

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Drug Detox for Speed Drug Addiction and Side Effects Near Durham, NC

When people suffer from an addiction, it can affect every single aspect of their lives. Speedball drug effects include physical, emotional, and mental changes. Over time, speedball drugs can affect an individual’s health, relationships, and professional life. However, with the right help, individuals can begin recovering from their addiction.What Are Speedball Drug Effects?A speed drug is…

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Molly Vs. Ecstasy. What’s The Difference & Where is Treatment Near Cary, NC?

Molly and ecstasy are both party drugs common during raves and music festivals. MDMA was initially created as a potential treatment for depression because of its effectiveness in elevating mood. However, unintended consequences quickly occurred. It quickly became abused as a designer drug and was especially popular among people who attended raves and parties. Because…