Drunk man wonders what are the signs of a drinking problem

What are the Signs of a Drinking Problem

If you are having difficulty controlling your drinking, you may be wondering what are the signs of a drinking problem? While having problems quitting drinking on your own is a sign that you may have a drinking problem, it is not the only indication you may struggle with alcoholism.To better understanding what are the signs…

Man surrounded by empty beer bottles showing symptoms of alcohol poisoning

Symptoms of Alcohol Poisoning

Alcohol is widely used, with binge drinking and alcohol consumption especially common among high school and college students and young adults. While most people who drink do not become dependent on alcohol, even casual drinkers are at risk for suffering from the symptoms of alcohol poisoning.However, habitual users are more likely to experience alcohol poisoning.…

Person in club experiencing the side effects of opiates

Side Effects of Opiates

Opiates are highly addictive and commonly abused. Addiction to opiates can result in fatal overdoses and impact your health, emotional wellbeing, relationships, and financial security. Side effects of opiates are dangerous, especially when they cause physical dependence and addiction.While addiction is among the most well-known side effects of opiates, opiate use can cause liver damage,…

Man asks his therapist why is addiction a mental disorder

Why is Addiction a Mental Disorder

Addiction impacts your physical, emotional and spiritual health, but why is addiction a mental disorder? To better understand why is addiction a mental disorder, it is important to understand how addiction to drugs and alcohol impacts and changes your brain.Drugs and alcohol create feelings of happiness, contentedness, and euphoria by increasing the number of neurotransmitters…

Group of people in the process of staging an intervention

Process of Staging an Intervention

If you have a loved one involved in drugs, then an early intervention in Jacksonville FL is critical. Knowing the process of staging an intervention will be instrumental in getting your loved one help.What Is An Intervention?An intervention is a planned and structured conversation with the person abusing drugs. The conversation is with professionals plus…

Man laying in bed wonders what is clinical depression

What Is Clinical Depression?

Many people with mental health disorders often turn to drugs to cope. So what is clinical depression? In short, the discomfort of mental illness leads some people to use drugs to mask the pain. Two common disorders that are prevalent among substance abusers are depression and anxiety. If you have turned to drugs for these…

Young woman looking out window showing physical signs of heroin abuse

Physical Signs of Heroin Abuse

It is disheartening when you have a loved one you suspect is using drugs. It’s especially difficult if you’re not sure what drug or drugs they may be abusing. Most drug users have a difficult time confiding in loved ones about their problem. That’s why it’s critical to understand the physical signs of heroin abuse.…

Woman holding a syringe and smoking wonders what is Special K

What is Special K?

Used as anesthesia in the 1960s, this drug is a powerful one to abuse. You may have heard the terms Special K but just what is Special K and how dangerous is it?The history of this potent drug is well documented. Although it has its place in medicine, it also has been referred to as…

Pills and syringe on table of a man who should know what is methadone

What is Methadone and How Does it Work?

Methadone has been around for decades. Its original use was to treat severe pain. However, in the last several decades, physicians have used it to treat people who are withdrawing from heroin or other narcotic drugs. What is methadone? It is a powerful opioid medication that has the ability to help those through the drug…

Woman gardening wonders what is reality therapy

What is Reality Therapy?

When you’re struggling with drug addiction, it’s vital to have addiction therapy services in Jacksonville FL. While each person is different and responds to treatment uniquely, reality therapy is a treatment that brings healing and peace to those with addiction issues. What is reality therapy, you may ask? Let’s take a closer look at this…