Dangers of Dating an Addict.

Dangers of Dating an Addict

If you were talking to your best friend, you’d be warning the person to stay away from dating an addict. However, here you are in precisely this position. You didn’t realize it at first, but now it’s glaringly apparent. What are the dangers of continuing this relationship?Will You Become an Enabler?You understand that dating an…

The Best Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Florida.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Florida

For years now, the state of Florida has held the reputation of being an excellent place for addiction treatment. Problem drinkers from all over the world will come here to get elite services on the way to a lasting recovery. As part of this addiction treatment community, Beaches Recovery is proud of our reputation for…

Scary Drug Addiction Facts.

5 Scary Drug Addiction Facts

Although most people know that drug addiction is rampant, it is hard to quantify just how big the problem really is. Take a look at these five scary drug addiction facts to understand the scope of the drug addiction epidemic in the United States.1. Americans Consume 80% of the World’s Pain MedicationsAmericans make up just…

Clasping hands at Gainesville drug rehab centers

Gainesville Drug Rehab Centers

Are you looking for Gainesville drug rehab centers? How do you know a quality rehab when you see one? Can the recovery you seek take place in Gainesville? Or do you need to travel for effective rehab treatment?All of these questions can make your head spin. But fear not. The treatment you seek for lasting…

detox vs rehab

You Don’t Have to Choose Between Detox vs Rehab

Detox and rehab are two different types of programs, but you don’t have to pick one over the other. In fact, any debate of detox vs rehab is missing the point, because the best route to recovery includes both. By defining detox and rehab separately, you can better understand their value. Plus, you can learn…

panama city drug rehab centers

Panama City Drug Rehab Centers

Beautiful Panama City, Florida sits on the Gulf Coast with its world-class beaches and quaint community. It would be hard to imagine a better destination for drug and alcohol addiction treatment. In fact, Panama City is home to a few quality addiction treatment centers. Anyone seeking treatment from any of the top Panama City drug…

relapse rates for drug addiction

Relapse Rates for Drug Addiction Recovery are High

As you look for the right rehab center for your needs, you face one daunting fact. That is, relapse rates for drug addiction recovery are high. No, rehab is not a sure thing for lasting recovery. So how can you create a relapse prevention plan for the life you want?About Relapse Rates for Drug Addiction…

cross addiction

What is Cross Addiction?

Addiction is running rampant throughout the United States, and there’s a high relapse rate. The relapse rate isn’t because treatment doesn’t work but because of a variety of other reasons. One of the primary reasons is that people struggle with cross addiction and don’t address it. At this point, you may be asking yourself, what…

oxycodone withdrawal symptoms

Are You Struggling With Oxycodone Withdrawal Symptoms?

Painkiller withdrawal is tough. Just like heroin and morphine, oxycodone withdrawal symptoms can be painful. Therefore, enlisting the help of a medical detox facility is key to success. Here’s what you need to know.What Oxycodone Withdrawal Symptoms Can You Expect?When you decide to quit using the drug, the severity of oxycodone withdrawal symptoms depends on…