due rehab instead of jail

Best Bet is DUI Rehab Instead of Jail

For good reasons, the nation’s laws regarding drunk driving are among the most stringent in the world. When someone makes a habit of driving while drunk, they will eventually face the consequences when caught. In many cases, those consequences result in jail time. However, some jurisdictions and judges are willing to use discretion and offer…

how to have fun sober

How to Have Fun Sober

For years, relaxing and having fun revolved around drinking and doing drugs. Everybody did it. Now, you want to quit. Would you know how to have fun sober?Looking Past the Drinking CultureAlcohol is a common drug that you find at almost all enjoyable pastimes. Conventional wisdom tells you to stay out of a bar if…

northeast Florida drug rehab centers

Great Northeast Florida Drug Rehab Centers

Millions of people in the United States suffer from different levels of substance use disorder. However, only a fraction of them get help. Some of them hesitate because they don’t know where to begin the search for treatment. Fortunately, Northeast Florida drug rehab centers can offer everything that you need.Why You Should Choose Northeast Florida…

addiction help for first responders

Addiction Help for First Responders

As a first responder, you face your own trauma after putting yourself in the line of danger and the intensely stressful situations your job requires. This trauma builds up, even when you think you suffer none. For many people, substance abuse curbs some of the symptoms of this fallout, for a short period. But then,…

Man recovering at an alcohol rehab center in Florida

Alcohol Rehab Center in Florida

Are you looking for an alcohol rehab center in Florida? How do you know which center to choose? Do you need a detox or rehab program? Also, what does a quality Florida treatment program include?Detox vs. an Alcohol Rehab Center in FloridaIn the question of detox or rehab, the answer is actually, “Both.” You need…

Therapist practicing motivational interviewing techniques

Motivational Interviewing Techniques

Many counseling approaches can help you address mental disorders such as addiction. However, treatment won’t go far unless you have the motivation to change. Motivational interviewing techniques help you find motivation within yourself.5 Common Motivational Interviewing TechniquesDuring motivational interviewing therapy, a counselor can use a range of techniques to guide you toward change. Below is…

Man learns all about the AA Big Book and it's philosophies

The AA Big Book: A Blueprint for Sobriety

Getting sober isn’t easy. However, there are many treatment programs to guide people. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is one of the most well-known because it uses a blueprint to help people achieve sobriety. This blueprint comes in the form of the AA Big Book.The History of the BookFirst published in 1939, the Big Book is the…

Woman struggling with how addiction affects family and friends

How Addiction Affects Family and Friends

Regarding addiction, many people only consider the physical and mental effects to those with the disease. They may not recognize how addiction affects family and friends. However, these individuals also suffer great hardships when loved ones have an addiction.Top Problems That Result From How Addiction Affects Family and FriendsAll families are different, so the dynamics…

woman lounging on couch smiling due to Stress Management to stay sober

Stress Management to Stay Sober

An inability to manage stress in healthy ways contributes to substance abuse. During your stay at Beaches Recovery, you learn life skills and coping mechanisms to handle stress. What are some stress management techniques you can use after graduating from the program? Most importantly, what should you do when you notice that you struggle with…